Why must one turn to Al Jazeera to hear a fair interview of veteran/patriot Jesse Ventura?

The reason is that the 'watchdog of government' - the corporate-bought-and-paid-for US media - are nothing but a bunch of lying scoundrels who collect paychecks to parrot propaganda emanating from the Pentagon.

More lies bring more wars which bring more money to the merchants of death.

Listen to this patriot-statesman.  What is not to like?

Our next presidential "election" is a pivot point - a fulcrum upon which America will become the shining city on the hill with liberty and justice for all - or Amerika - where everyone is guilty until proven innocent under a fascist Napoleonic-style police-state.

America as we knew it is is peril - and the time has passed for passivity.  The clock has run out.  Our money system is corrupt beyond the belief system espoused by most consumers passing for citizens.

Our tourism is dead.  Our roads are crumbling and babies are being searched by goons at airports for weapons.

Freedom of speech, the bedrock of our very existence and self-identity - here in America - is under severe attack with extreme prejudice.  That leaves the second amendment as a cure - and that is troubling indeed.

If you want your kids to live in a world better than the one you found - my fellow Americans - you'd better wake up, open your mind, talk to people you know with "crazy ideas" (like our government is run by criminals who don't share our values) - and act when you come to the realization that war is impoverishing the US, starting nuclear wars to prevent nuclear wars is insane by definition, and that peace really really is a "manly" way to live.

Please watch this excellent interview - and ask yourself why in the world we must turn to extra-American media to hear such a fine interview of such a fine statesman/patriot.  Why indeed?

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