"Hits" are for a Mafia underword - NOT for America

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"Sam the Minuteman by Nathaniel Benchley - My favorite book is Sam the Minuteman by Nathaniel Benchley. This book tells the story of what happened when the minutemen met the British soldiers in Lexington, Massachusetts. I like this book because I taught at a school in Lexington for five years. Every April we watched Paul Revere ride down the street proclaiming, "The British are coming!". A reenactment of the battle then took place. I have always enjoyed learning about events in American history. 

Browsing the internet - it's hard to overcome blogger's block.  Why?

There's not much new.  The Republican primary circus - is - as usual - nothing more than a public-perception-prep for the coming stolen elections.  The big-money big-mouth fake "conservative" Major and minor leagues of political dumb-phukery continue - pretending that Ron Paul is just an oddity - when in reality he is THE MAN we've all been waiting for.  Instead - the McRomney's and Mayor McGinriches and Sanitariums get the press - since it is of the utmost importance to the bankster puppetmasters to install one of these corporate clowns into the puppa-prezidincy so they can keep the gravy train rolling down the same ole tracks - enriching the bloodthirsty few while the rest of us rot.

The big money has perfected the "divide-and-conquer" strategy - get all the masses fighting amongst themselves about non-issues, ensure media blackouts of Ron Paul - continue the pretend-ville that is Amerika - so the masses still not internet-savvy are left with their fake world-view to deal with.

I've read about Iranian scientists being evaporated with car bombs - while the paid-off or bribed NWO backstabbers like Hillary and the rest of them assure us - yes - this time they aren't lying - that Amerika would NEVER assassinate someone - even though the liar-in-chief mystery-man occupying our Wshite House just signed the NDAA into "law" asserting the ability to indefinitely detain American citizens just by pointing at them and calling them a name.

The same Wshite House that murdered Alwaki - an American citizen - and his son (standard operating procedure when eliminating dissent) - yes - this same disgrace of a guvmint - murderers - telling us that this time it wasn't them.

I'd call such actions and statements a "joke" if I thought this was funny.  Because it isn't - and I'm not laughing.

Americans don't "do" "hits."  That's for Al Capone and an underworld of gangsters - snuffing out the competition encroaching on their territory.  "Territory" meaning the coveted assets of another nation controlled by somebody who doesn't wanna' take our funny money anymore - won't sell us their natural resources at bargain basement prices - won't do what we tell them.

I saw a story about the French no longer "training" Afghan troops, calling the Afghan fighters who want the Imperialist occupyers to leave - calling these patriots of their own country "cowards" since every now and then - one of these fighters - who want France, England, and the US out of their country - sacrifice their life for a coupla' the "enemies'" (our guys') lives.  Hmmmmm.  May I let you in on a secret?  Any foreign troops come here to start bossing me and the armed-to-the-teeth Americans I know - are gonna get picked off unmercifully.  Yes - from close and from afar.  That's the American way.  Does it not strike YOU as a bit hypocritical to complain when a patriot from another nation acts exactly as we would to a foreign invading power?  Isn't that the duty of the citizen?  You bet it is - don't listen to those claiming it's better to lay down your arms in favor of enslavement.  Talk about bad advice.

I also read this story:

"COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -- U.S. Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia has a simple solution for people who don't like all the political advertisements unleashed by the court's decision two years ago that ended limits on corporate contributions in political campaigns - change the channel or turn off the TV.

Scalia was asked about the decision during a presentation before the South Carolina Bar on Saturday, exactly two years after the court handed down the 5-4 decision in the case that led to the rise of Super PACs. They are outside groups affiliated with candidates that can take in unlimited contributions as long as they don't directly coordinate with the candidate.
"I don't care who is doing the speech - the more the merrier," Scalia said. "People are not stupid. If they don't like it, they'll shut it off.""

Yes - Scalia - although you appear most impressive in your Darth Vader-like robes - I'm not impressed.  What you are NOT discussing is the "lying via omission" problem.  

You see - oh great robed-one - when the media is OWNED by a few - who deliberately choose to eliminate choices - then - the problem becomes one of false choices.  I know judge - oh great one - that nobody oughta' mess with you - after all - you have all this misdirected power an unfinite wisdom - but didja' ever think about the audience not turning it off - because they think that what they are watching is all there is?  Oh - ha ha ha - what a crazy idea - but ...

There are many in America - this crumbling rathole - sold out to the highest bidder - who don't now have access to the internet.  There are also a 1% out there who have more money than the rest of us - who are smart enough to purchase ALL OF THE MEDIA - lock stock and barrel - except for the internet - now under attack.

And - Scalia - I'm sure you know - that if you are not connected in the law-yer biz - you are doomed.  You know - 20% of the law-yers are good - the rest - that we get - suck.  So we pay up or go to jail.  We don't have the money to sue.  We don't have the money to buy up all the TV and radio stations that incessantly bombard the masses with "news" carefully - and with trained confidence-artists (shills) - being sold garbage posing as "the whole big picture" - being herded with well known propagandistic and marketing techniques - down the same path to the slaughter.  No - it's really worse - as I said before - just listening to the monied owners of everything - selling us a stolen election before it happens.

No Scalia - the people are not "stupid" but they surely are kept "ignorant" because the media is bought and paid for.  Many never hear the options available.  They remain ignorant - and they are still far from stupid.  But - garbage-in-garbage-out - even a computer program spits out the wrong answer when the facts serving as input are incomplete, manipulated or incorrect.  Now mix the Diebold voting machines into this mess and you have a bigger mess.

Have you ever had your bank miss a penny of withdrawal fees from your interactions at instant banking tellers - anywhere?  You can go to Washinton state, to Florida, Maine and Texas.  YOu can go overseas.  They never miss a penny.  But you can bet your life that there will be miscounted votes when it comes to elections - because elections are stolen - and the debates, propaganda and everything else is engineered around the FACT that the election will be stolen - and the appearance - the verisimiltude - of a good fight - MUST BE PRESENTED FOR THE PUBLIC SO THEY DON'T GO ABSOLUTELY BAT-SHIT CRAZY WHEN THEY GET ROBBED YET AGAIN.

I hope those reading this will vote for Ron Paul no matter what.  Ron Paul has wisdom - and he is wise enough to know that change is n't necessarily something that can happen with one, two, five or whatever number of elections.  He does know that no matter what - the public is paying very close attention to the antics of the puppetmasters, the paid liars, and the corporate interests.  

Natural law is independent of the corrupt legal system in this country - a system where Scalia thinks he stands for ANYTHING when the NDAA was passed and signed - and it hasn't already had it's day in court to be thrown on the dictatorship-trash-heap of tyrannical history.

No matter what - keep heart - vote for Dr. Ron Paul - and keep your fingers crossed - we just might win.

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