Bureau of Prisons Director Harley Lappin Busted for Drunk Driving

"Lappin, who announced his resignation last week, told the staff about the drunk driving incident, Main Justice’s Andrew Ramonas reported.
The website reported that he faces three charges related to drunk driving.  The incident happened on Saturday, Feb. 26 around 4 a.m., less than a half mile from his home, the website reported.
Last Friday, Atty. Gen. Eric Holder Jr. issued a statement about the retirement of Lappin:

“During my tenure as both Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General, it has been a privilege to work closely with Director Harley Lappin."
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I suppose Mr. Lappin has made enough money off the law enforcement/war on drugs/prison scam to afford the trouble he's in.  I'd expect he's got enough connections to get through this without suffering the process reserved for the rest of society.  We'll see.  But the damage control has already started with linked article as he goes from resigning due to drunk driving to retirement in just a few paragraphs.

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