Vids: Laud the Brave then Rob their Grave: City ghouls grab '9/11' cop corpse

"The family was permitted to carry out the open-casket wake Monday night, but the body was taken by the ME's office around 10 p.m. -- forcing Wong's relatives to postpone yesterday's planned viewing and also delay his cremation and funeral.

"They totally disrespected our family. Now my brother can't even rest in peace because of this," the younger brother said. "I feel horrible, my mother is crying."

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There is no limit.  The cover-up continues, the myth propagation continues, and the cops and firefighters are disrespected - and left without the closure truth affords.  Closure an admission of a link between the events of 911 and their illnesses might possibly bring.  NO say the "officials" - that's asking too much.

There is no low blow the cover-up artists won't stoop to when it comes to delivering yet another slap in the face of the heroes of 911.  Forget helping these guys out - or admitting a connection between their illnesses and 911.  As usual they can only be counted on for carefully crafted propaganda - and of course - telling silence - when it comes to really supporting the fallen.  Yes - I can still picture chimpy standing there with his bullhorn, an arm around a firefighter.  Makes me sick.

Our "leaders" know talk is cheap - that's why they rely on talk and never take action on behalf of the public.  It leaves more cash to stuff in their pockets.  But in the case of 911 truth - as cheap as talk is - you won't get much from the old mainstream media.  No - the orders were given a long time ago to ridicule those demanding truth and justice - then just hope it goes away.  I can only conclude there are many members of our media assisting the real terrorists.  But back to this ugly incident.

Oh - are you thinking - "Well sometimes these things happen-the government wouldn't lie to me."

Answer - no these things should never happen.  But lest you get the idea that a 911 first-responder dying from 911-related injuries is something new - take a look at this U.S. Marshall, Greg Quibell, who passed away a while back.  Listen to his health situation before and after 911:


It is telling that we hear such praise for public servants in the corporate-owned cover-your-ass mainstream media - but when it comes time for their corporate-connected-and-controlling cronies to pay up to cover health costs for the fallen and infirm, the money-grubbing vermin "robber-barons" skedaddle like rats from a sinking galleon. As they run for cover they know they can count on their bought-and-paid-for media to run interference - and their cronies in government to "play the game" as they all "keep a lid on" the truth about 911-related illnesses and 911-related truth in general.

Adding insult to injury - they won't even admit a connection between the disease and its cause - thereby covering the asses of the rest of their "good ole' boys Club-of-Greed."  Such moral contortionism underscores the rot at the highest decision-making levels of our immoral culture where the lowest forms of life slither in the cracks.  In public they repeat the slogans lauding the braves - only to return in the dark of night to rob their graves.  Sick.  Absolutely sick.  How much more will Americans accept in the "land of the free" and "home of the brave?"  

Ask yourself how so many heroes fates have been marginalized and kept concealed from public view in the mainstream media for so many years?  Why again - as with other MAJOR events is something so important pertaining to  REAL humanitarian heroes dying of event-related illnesses absent in our ever-bickering media of cackling giggling jokesters and parrots?  When you hear the radio in your car, or see a TV on - ask yourself why you are being fed mushroom food - is it because you are a mushroom or because the corporate owners of the media must keep you in the dark?  Anything for money, power, control.  If you don't think it's that bad - refer back to the first paragraph of this article.

The real 911 terrorists continue the cover-up - and continue to hedge their bets and cut their losses - while the real heroes die from wounds sustained in battle.  

911 truth is a truth that must be faced for America to heal.  The perps know it's light will spell THE END for them - that's why, as with the gruesome scene quoted in the first paragraph, and as with 911 truth in general - THEY KNOW that once those of you out there finally open your eyes and join those of us already awake - that THEIR DAYS ARE NUMBERED.  THAT IS WHY they will STOP AT NOTHING to keep the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth out of public view.

Yes the truth is at the fringes of society - it is pushed there.  But as the new media brings forth new light - and the cockroaches make a run for it - they take desperate measures - making mistakes -allowing us see them for what they are when they do so.  The cover-up is, and if you haven't been paying attention, has been at that point for a long long time.

Let's bring the real 911 terrorists to justice.

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