New York City Protest - Occupy Wall Street - Video and Photo

Thousands of protesters to 'Occupy Wall Street' on Saturday

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Rut roh!  I was afraid this was going to happen.

Not that I'm not glad about it.  You know - yet another event that, although is - in reality - happening - isn't really - because "our" corrupt corporate-OWNED propaganda outlets choose to ignore it.

The frauds posing as "newsmen" or "reporters" or "journalists" under the yoke of their corporate paymasters do what they are told - just like the cop in the video.  

It has nothing to do with application of grey matter - it has to do with obeying the "higher-ups" or "the brass."  That's all.  These robots, for some reason, never seem to take a moment to think about the screwed-up America they are complicit in deconstructing.  Talk about stupid animals - even animals don't shit where they eat.

The good news - even more people will awaken to the tyranny we presently live in.  Many of the protesters that showed up for this affair didn't really understand how bad it really is - but they do now thanks to the cops and media "doing what they're told" - actions which, in the end, result in denial of liberty for the citizens whose liberty they are supposed to protect.

Too much has happened for anyone with a pulse to deny knowledge of the fact that it is simply a paycheck that keeps them doing the wrong thing - each and every day they shuffle off to work.  Whether as a cop, a media liar, a retired general-turned-actor on Faux News pretending to be an unbiased "expert" - all of them - the fact is that WE ALL KNOW.

Every time these establishment cronies cooperate with the corporate crooks to deny our liberty - they undermine themselves once again. And each time - they - unwittingly - as if they had two neurons firing together - they unwittingly aid the truth movement.

The bankers are crooks.  We all know it.  There is no good reason that we should pay interest to phantoms for the use of our own money.  There is no good reason why we are all suffering from unrestrained and legalized usary.  That is plain and simple.  It is impossible for Joe-sixpack NOT to see it.  This is the problem.

Bloomberg has recently claimed that there is a possibility that we may have riots in the streets.  I say "Good."  I'm not for rioting but when the elections are rigged, the crooked "news" selects a bunch of drop-outs from clown school for our next president - while yet again ignoring Ron Paul - going out of their way to pretend, like the Wall Street Protest, that Ron Paul doesn't exist - they again do us all a favor.

It is certainly time for protests - big ones.  Protests so big that if the media even tries to report on it they need wider-angle lenses - and they will get them once it becomes impossible for even them to ignore.  This is inevitable - and it is We The People that will make that happen.  It has to happen - naturally - given the present economic circumstances.

I am not for riots or violence - but what the hell - that's what the cops like - in fact - I'm sure they are all admiring themselves in full-length mirrors at home in their riot gear, massaging their tasers and tear-gas guns - just waiting - anticipating - and praying to their creator (the TV) for riots.

Don't give it to them.  Keep it peaceful - and keep it big.  Use every guerilla tactic possible to get the word out.  Use every trick in the book.  Use every possible means of civil disobedience to force the issue - that the public KNOWS  of the robbery going on and the public KNOWS who is responsible.

We are living at a wonderful time in history - one of those pivotal times many who've come before us wished for - a time of real change - where the usurpation of the power of the phony corporate fake lying bought-and-paid-for "mainstream" media gets shit-canned for dereliction of duty and outright treason.

Let them have it.  
UPDATE SEPT 18, 2011 They are getting desperate!  

Reaction to Ron Paul shows some Americans are exceptionally stupid

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