Wall Street Protests: Don't give in to the violence or you lose.

Who can blame the "peace officers?"  Isn't this protest just what they'd hoped for?  A crowd of docile people who won't fight back - a bully's paradise! That's the status of the police these days - not all of them - but a majority from what we see and read and hear every day regarding brutality, taserings, SWAT killings, various shootings, drug sales - the list goes on.  Why expect them to protect our rights?  

It's sad in a way - that the working class police are supporting the real crooks - while arresting and beating citizens standing up for their and their families rights.

I hope the crowd doesn't turn on them 'cause it has the potential to get really ugly - and I don't mean in the favor of the police.

The crowd will only withstand so much abuse - until it takes on a mind of its own.  Then all bets are off.

So far - the elitists have the upper hand - once again pitting segments of the middle and working classes against each other while they sip champagne and laugh it up.

Bigger crowds will overwhelm the police.  This means they will "go to guns" if it gets too far out of hand and the crowd resorts to violence.

Non-violence is the only way these protests can work.  It's always harder to walk away from a fight when tempers flare.  

We owe our gratitude to the Wall Street protesters for their sacrifice on all our behalf.

Thanks Wall Street Protesters!

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