Does it say "He kicked out the bankers" on Andrew Jackson's tomb? Pics 4U2 Peruse...
I heard somewhere that Andrew Jackson so firmly believed in his service to his country in kicking out the bankers - that he had words attesting to his deed inscribed on his tomb.  For some reason I had no luck finding evidence via internet searches.  So I did it the old-fashioned way and looked at the gravesite using my eyes, and snapped a few pics for your enjoyment-and the answer.

Before we get to my pics - take a look at the above and look at the "rugs" - not only did our country survive invasion, corruption, martial law (declared by Jackson):

"New Orleans came into the possession of the United States as a result of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. As such, it was widely populated by people more sympathetic or loyal to its previous owners, France, and earlier Spain, than to the U.S. 
Its governor, William Claiborne, began begging Andrew Jackson to take military control of the city, out of fear for the country's maintained control of the city, shortly after the war began. Jackson grew concerned by the succession of warnings, and eventually travelled to New Orleans in December 1814. Jackson immediately began planning for defending the city, and soon sent out a warning, threatening punishment of death to anyone who aided or abetted the enemy. It had a line reminiscent of a George W. Bush speech: "Those who are not for us are against us, and will be dealt with accordingly."
After consulting two lawyers/advisors, Jackson turned New Orleans into a military camp, mandating searches of all vessels and people entering and exiting the city, with those who avoided the searches being detained and interrogated. He also laid down a curfew of 9 PM, with violators being interrogated as spies. All men under 50 who weren't in the militia were listed and located. Debt payments, civil court cases, and other things were postponed for four months. Horses and carts were commandeered by the military, and all buildings were searched for large tools and firearms, which were confiscated. Ten days after the declaration, the army was running out of places to detain violators. " link HERE 

...and as you can see from the pic above - also survived freedom of expression.  The text above, like much propaganda today - attempts to link the situation Andrew Jackson faced with our present situation in fighting "terror." 

Jackson turned New Orleans into a miltary roadblock to stop living breathing British soldiers from invading and taking over.  That is a war - and I don't have a problem with that.  Yes they had a mixed-loyalty population etc... but he acted to save the Union.  He got the job done - then they lifted martial law.  I think he did a great job - I understand real emergencies.  

Our present situation is that we don't have infiltrators in the population attempting to overthrow our government.  Instead - presently - we have the opposite - our government has been infiltrated by mixed-loyalty scoundrels, traitors, dual-citizens, Napolean-wannabees, bloodthirsty mercenaries, one-world-government manipulators, gutless Congresspersons afraid to do their job - and more.  That is why our history is perverted for use by psychopathic power-hungry "authorities" to justify their war on us.  To justify their present encroachments on our liberties - attempting to turn our ENTIRE NATION into a martial camp - but not to repel an enemy from without - but to silence the liberty-loyal watchdogs that are barking with each of their trespasses on our liberty.  

Enough of that.  Here are some pictures - the ones at the end will answer the question about what is on Jackson's grave regarding the bankers.

I have to say - although I don't know enough about Andrew Jackson - but he must have been well-connected because he had one heckuva' fortune.  Pictures not allowed inside the house - I obeyed the rules - but there was a pianoforte in that house worth as much as a house in those days.  Not Jackson's house mind you...a regular house.

Wallpaper inside - French - original - hanging since he was there - in perfect shape.

Guides very knowledgeable and dressed in period costumes - go visit the Hermitage if you are in the area.

Specs, watch with wind key, fob


His coach


take a close look...

back of the house

symbolic resting place

I don't remember this in the brochures

Andrew Jackson's stone


Politics has always been painful - 

Conclusion:  Nothing about the bankers.  Finally - the answer to my question!
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