Musings on Murders: Complications on Killing US citizens by the US government

Friends and comrades in arms....but then...... pic from wik

The video below is worth watching if you haven't yet seen it - Shep Smith and Judge Napolitano have my gratitude for their effort to awaken the public to answers and statements made by our public servants who think they are somehow protecting We the People from harm by asserting the right to kill We the People. 

Such logic is circularly inane - and the serpents asserting such power to kill We the People are insane.

But let's give our government servants the credit they deserve - and assume that they  will continue to sit there like a bunch of venal vampires ignoring such tyrannical temerity concentrating on what they consider more important... lining their pockets - and that the executive branch will, once again, get away with murder.

OK - let's say the Feds decide they need to kill, say, me for example.  OK.  Now - what about the life insurance company that will have to pay out early on a policy they've calculated won't be due for many more years based on an alternative scenario where I should have lived longer based on health history and age?  Aren't the insurance companies getting the shaft here?  

What if the sitting president decides that a former living president is a threat?  Is that American citizen also a candidate for their evil aims?  Wouldn't the Secret Service have something to say about that?  

What if a President feels that he needs another term and is in a position to lose the election to a "suspected terrorist."  Instead of bothering to steal the election - or taking the chance that the public may finally have a handle on keeping the elections honest - simply legally murder the opposing candidate for office?  

What if members of the executive branch who are now publicly asserting the right of the executive to murder We the People - finally find themselves in the private sector - and someone they were prosecuting while they were in office - has turned the tables and now holds the position the former government official occupied?  All the person now holding power would have to do is have the person their vendetta is against declared a "terrorist" - and have the former - attorney general - murdered - legally.

What about our FBI director Mueller, recently pretending not to know when asked if it was OK for the executive to murder American citizens.  What if Mueller is really an honest guy - and is actually working on something that matters, like 911 truth for example - and after leaving office - finds himself facing the crooks who pulled the crime off in office.  Wouldn't it make sense for the crooks to simply have him declared a "terrorist" for investigating 911 and have him legally murdered?  

Here's a good one if you don't recall the "Night of the Long Knives" - the night Hitler had his new black-shirted SS troopers murder the brown-shirted SA street fighters - including Ernst Rohm...who helped him gain power in the first place....but were now a threat...

Perhaps guys like Holder and Mueller and the rest of the "let's murder Americans" crowd may realize before it is too late -and take into consideration the rosy relationship depicted in the top picture vs the ultimate result.  

History repeats - power corrupts absolutely - and nobody is safe from a government that will murder its own citizens.

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