Secret Service agent regularly posted photos of himself with sexy women; three more agents booted

Must be a real party - having all those tax dollars to tip the dancers...  woo hoo!

But really folks - these guys are the best - none finer!  The elite security squadron that just got the same police powers of the local cops in Connecticut handed to them!  Because they are really gonna' protect us from them titty-bar terrorists!  

I wonder why they didn't catch the 911 hijackers, devout Muslims we are told by our protectors - who loved booze, titty-bars and coke.  I mean - statistically - there had to be a SS guard somewhere in the vicinity - oh well - I guess they were distracted by the chicks - and who can blame them?  

When's the next taxpayer-funded vacay?  Oh - that's top secret - I'll have to wait to see if they remember not to stiff the hookers at the next orgy.  

"The married federal agent also posted a photograph of himself guarding former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin — and boasted below it that he was “really checking her out.”"

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