Women in the Military

Hi Women in the military.

Just for fun - when we are talking about war - I hope you understand we are no longer talking.  About anything.  

We are not talking anymore - do you understand me?

Didja' hear about the American mother that was a soldier?  Her kid had the flu -  but she was busy machine-gunning an Iraqi kid - so she couldn't attend to her child.  Poor American kid huh?

You - have become a fucking receptacle.  You will remain such - for as long as it takes for you to "wear out" or fucking hang yourself - since - after all - women in the military - on the front lines - where all you idiotic bitches wanted to be - is a real fuckin' mess now isn't it?

Don't bitch about guys fucking you up the ass or in the eye socket - because there is nothing to talk about when you've just done a village - if ya' know what I mean.  

Things are ugly in war - unless - of course - you are lookin' for dat' shit.  They things are, of course, ugly, and you either jack off to it - or you fuck the dead bodies - I have no idea.

I'm not into war, corpses, coffins, draping flags over coffins, propping up bodies in coffins and making idiotic arm/hand/finger signs for the camera/ - you dumb fucking cunts that wanna' kill people for some convoluted reason or other in uniform wearing an American flag - I think you are all a bunch of fucking criminals.  I can only hope and pray to God - this festive Easter - that your kids will be lucky enough to be visiting the town that YOU, you filthy fuckin' hag, are busy bombing - and you get the opportunity to hear your darling daughter scream MOMMY MOMMY! as she burns to death from the bomb YOU DROPPED ON THEM!  DID I remember to say fuck you?  Did I remind you that as a mother you are simply a tool, a pile of shit , a cog in a machine of death?  Did I tell you that I hope you are fucking demeaned in the most despicable manner on the battlefield - because - war is hell - and you fucking asked to be there?  You fucking volunteered!  Hoooooooahhhhhh!  Dumb cunt!   Ha ha ha.

No declared war - nothing.  You all need to be hanged!  Do you understand?  You are occupying soverign nations- no declared war - no fucking nothing!   You are all fucking war criminals.  Got that?

Oh - everybody's doing it so it's OK.  

Psssssst!  You are fucked.  Bad.  You just don't know it yet.  Why?

You have to live a few decades to understand how slow the law works.  My panic comes from the shit heads in congress signing their own death warrants with the NDAA.  Then I realized that maybe the executive would kill off a few dozen of the filthy idiotic scum-leeches in the Congress stupid enough to sign their own NDAA death warrants.  Fuck it - I welcome the action - not because it is legal - but because I hate any Congressa-hole that would even consider signing such a slap in the face to me

But soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines - you are all fucked.  You've all gone along with the crowd and murdered innocent people - there is no evidence whatsoever that any of these people attacked the USA.  The homeland/now fatherland/NAZIland - what will you do?

How will you followers that bought into the lies of the recruiters make amends?  Don't bother - you cannot.  There is no way to bring back to life a million dead Iraqis.  That is an accomplishment you must remain proud of for the rest of your life - because DEAD is dead.  One way street.  And don't forget about the little kids you killed.  


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