Open Carry Stop in Livermore III

Note:  I'm surprised at the negative comments abusing the citizen on the YouTube page.  The video does a lot to highlight assumptions.  If the citizen was not as well informed as he is ...  Once they heard he really knew what he was talking about it seems things changed.  But he was still searched in the end.

Something about police behavior isn't right.  They don't seem interested in protecting the rights of citizens.  It seems to me that the law is written there in California to allow harassment of the citizen open carrying.  Meanwhile the real criminals just load up a stolen gun and stick in in their pocket out of view until they need to murder someone.

Reminds me of the time my nephew tried to buy a pack of smokes in California.  The guy at the store "carded" him and when he handed the clerk his drivers license - the clerk didn't know what a Pennsylvania was.

I wonder if law enforcement people even know what they are really hired to do?  It doesn't look that way.  I see an "us vs. them" mentality meaning an attitude that the public is some unruly mob they have to bully into submission - like a kid who gets their school bus patrol badge for the first time.
In this one they have another cop standing ready to gun him down...
UPDATE: Here's a good one ...dash cam

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