Unjustified Killing in Seattle by police: Justice Temporarily Delayed by Authorities

The verdict is out - even though the woodcarver's knife was closed and the victim wasn't even facing the police officer who sprayed him with lead killing him - surprise surprise - NO CRIMINAL CHARGES TO BE FILED!  

That's too bad - because now things are going to get bad.  

"The shooting was ruled unjustified, but prosecutors recently said they would not file criminal charges. Mayor Mike McGinn, meanwhile, declared Sunday John T. Williams Day."
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     This makes it official.  The "authorities" have decided that it is OK for a cop to murder and not face charges.  I interpret this as an invitation for anyone that wants to commit murder - to join the police - after all - take your pick - look at all those "civilians" out there - you can shoot someone in cold blood and laugh all the way home.  

     This is a bad move.  The reaction from the public is a sign that natural law will trump our dysfunctional criminal's justice system.  Nature demands that things balance out - one way or the other.  Looks like those making peaceful change ( with respect to addressing police brutality and murder) impossible are making violent revolution happen.  Kennedy was right.  We are watching the inevitable revolution right before our very eyes.

     As the revolution spreads - and things heat up here in the U.S. I expect things to get worse before they get better. 

    It is a shame that our "leaders" are so out-of-touch that they are practically facilitating the escalation to violence from peaceful protest.  After all - if those tasked in government to police the police won't do their job - somebody has to do it for them. 

    It is crazy to think Americans are going to stand by and allow thug police to murder citizens.  Why?  Because police murderers defeat the purpose of their existence - which is to deter murder.  A murdering cop is just as bad as a murdering anybody - and they belong at a minimum - behind bars - not walking the streets with loaded weapons - backed up by jesters leeching off the public who won't prosecute the dirty cop - always coming up with increasingly incredible excuses why the cop is always right - even when they are wrong.

     So - we'll have to see the escalation - since Lady Liberty must be won over - courted - and cared for with eternal vigilance.  Unlike our failed criminal's justice system here in the states - the legal system known as natural law continues to function perfectly.  Those on the wrong side of justice deserve the punishment they have coming.

     It doesn't matter who the bad guys are, what uniform they wear as a disguise, how much money they have, who their friends are.  Natural law demands balance - and justice will be served one way or the other.  The authorities in this case, like so many before it, made the wrong decision again in defiance of natural law.  Now they can pay the justifiable consequences.


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