Americans will fight - but for what - I have no idea

Take a look at this slugfest at a football game - looks like they were just having fun.  Blowing off some steam I suppose.  

Later in the article:

"Two men are fighting for their lives after one was savagely beaten in a Candlestick Park bathroom during the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders exhibition game and another was shot several times after the game in a double shooting in the parking lot.

A 24-year-old man, who was wearing an "(Expletive) the Niners" T-shirt, was shot two to four times in the stomach before driving his truck to Gate A and stumbling to security, said San Francisco police Sgt. Frank Harrell. He was taken to San Francisco General Hospital in critical condition.
Another man in his 20s was shot near Lot V about 20 minutes earlier and had superficial face injuries, Harrell said, and was taken to the same hospital. The first shooting happened shortly after 8 p.m., about 15 minutes after the game ended."
Yes - Americans will fight.  They just need something to fight about.  

The above video demonstrates how charged the mob is - it is simply a matter of whipping them up with just the right spark.

Our fear-and-war-mongering leaders have worked, and continue to work, hard to fan the flames of racism, religion, terror-scare and other chicken-little-the-sky-is-falling strategies to maintain a constant state of hysteria here in America.  I must say - they've been doing a heckuva' job.  The message to the mob:  " Be afraid - be very afraid - always."

Add the financial pressure that nags constantly at the mob - just in case they get a minute to think about relaxing - start a new war - get the feds to plant another phony bomb plot somewhere - and keep the government-worker-gravy-train going.  Then send the fed-cops in to shake the public down for the next round of bonuses and legalized-theft facilitated government contracts.  Anybody need a fifty-thousand dollar hammer?  The government crooks can get away with such sport - but you or I would only end up in the slammer.  Getting mad yet?  No - not about a football game - about being robbed.  It doesn't matter - the feds'll come up with another round of faux news-spread panic from another false-flag attack somewhere to keep the spell on.

I don't watch football - it's not important to me.  How anyone can be so loyal to a team sport where the players have no loyalty to the team - only to the almighty dollar - makes me wonder about why the fans care.  Why don't they care about who is inflating away their money supply?  Is football that great?  

Why don't the fans fight to keep their kids genitals out of the hands of the TSA?  Isn't that something to be fighting-mad about? It is to me.  Maybe while their kids were being raped at the airport the parents were watching a football game on the telescreen.

Why don't football fans get mad about genetically-modified food infecting the world food supply - a rotten supply of food coming under the control of just a few rotten people?  Why don't the football fans take a minute to examine why a private bank is looting our country?  Why don't football fans ask why they voted for "change" and since getting no change are losing the other intangible idiotic bumper-sticker sales-slogan of "hope."  

Why don't football fans and Americans in general grow-up, wake-up, and stand-up for something that really matters instead of punching each others faces in at a football game?  Why don't Americans come together instead of constantly fighting each other - or shooting each other for wearing a t-shirt insulting a football team?  Why?

The answer/s to the questions above are many.  The answers have a lot to do with our owned mainstream media.  A media of lies and platitudes propagated for the constant division and conquering of the masses by a few filthy-rich so-called "elites" - whose main claim-to-fame is being greedier than anyone else in the galaxy.  Is psycopathic greed for ever-more "stuff" and power something we should be in awe of?  Should we laud "elites" so greedy for power and "stuff" that they are willing to rob and plunder everyone and anything they do not yet own?  Where will they stop?  Is it reasonable to suspect that these greedy "elites" won't stop until THEY OWN EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US?

We've got to find a way to take the anger and rage demonstrated by football fans and refocus it - hopefully peacefully - toward more constructive efforts.  We need media affirmation of the problems our country faces - or the masses of TV-watching fans may never see the storm that is coming our way - financially, liberty-wise, food-wise, war-wise.  So far - the moribund mainstream media has failed us.  They continue to fail us.  They may be the first- if our ship-of-state doesn't change course to walk the plank.  If they can't at least see that - how can we rely on them to report what is relevant to the well-being of our country and its citizens?

I know Americans will fight - but for what - that is the question.  Only bold leadership at the government level - and demonstrable courage by our moribund mainstream media, to awaken this angry stewing mob will get U.S. back to being the world leader in Liberty.

I'm not sure how to conclude this rant other than to plead with those still hypnotized by the boob-tube to keep talking to each other, support each other ESPECIALLY when discussing topics not agreed upon, and to watch out for FALSE-FLAG attacks.

Liberty requires a moral compass - did you remember to bring yours to the game?
"Bonus" video:  Watch more Americans beat each other senseless for nothing.  Can you imagine them with AK's looking for the foreign mercenary on US soil that just gunned their daughter, mother or father or son down?  Oh boy - it's the "perfect storm" a-brewin! 

Thanks to our "leaders" for maintaining "law and order" - huh?  This is EXACTLY what the powers-to-be want - a nice divided and conquered mob.  

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