Hurry, hurry, hurry - and don't forget ..... HURRY!

hurry up and pass the laws or Martial Law  WILL BE DECLARED!.....loser crook

'Tis amazing indeed - the never-ending need to hurry.

Forget "haste makes waste" - no... in Amerika - haste is essential so the powers-that-be can rest assured that the cowards in the Spouse of Zionistas - er - the House of Representatives  - (don't forget the crooked Senate) - so that they can do the bidding of their TRUE MASTERS -  those with the CASH.

It's lots of fun - you know - pretending that one matters.  Pretending - that WE THE PEOPLE matter.  Yes indeedee, fun for all - although we all know, deep down inside, that we are just tax-paying mushrooms, eating the sh&t fed to us by the corporafascist-media - turning our kids, life-savings, and everything else over - for............"national security."

I'll bet it's a real hoot - being an American "soldier" these days.  Or a "sailor" or "airman."  Let's call a spade a spade.  These people in uniform - all of them - and let's not let out the police - are nothing but a bunch of cowardly lying stooges looking for a hand-out from their "government job" as they partcipate in the rape of the Constitution of the United States - and the murder of those attempting to support it.

Let's forget all these poor animals - little pawns in the global "war on horror" - acting out some stupid fantasy they absorbed as they sat fixated and mezmerized by the Boob Tube.  Yeah - hey - I'm cool - I have a uniform, pistol, rifle, shotgun, and don't forget Taser - and I can't wait to shoot/Tase someone to make up the inches missing from my dick.  And for the Butch-dykes out there in uniform - what a chance to let the guys that rejected you "have it."  What a fantasy - handcuffing the average Amercan white guy - who wouldn't give you a second look because you are just ....a........follower.

Consider Exhibit A:  the over-tanned Banker in the picture above.  Just so you don't call me that dreaded and stupid mind-numbed label "conspiracy theorist" - that horrible dismissing term reserved for the critical thinker - the one that stands out from the herd - just so you don't put me in that box - I'll leave it up to YOU, dear reader, to figure out why this unelected con-artist and stooge for the spendthrift bankers is "pointing" her hand in front of the back-drop showing from wherest her power originates.

Click HERE to read the article where she warns us "little people" and "sheep" that if we don't act right f'ing NOW - we will fall into a black hole:  CLICK HERE  so you can watch a short video (embedding disabled) of what Hank (Cue-ball) Paulson threatened the flock of sheep we call a Congress with.

Think about it - stampede the herd - get them all running like crazy in one direction - using the same old crappy propaganda dog-and-pony show used to stampede the herd into war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria - and more countries than that idiot in the White House - or his idiot-predecessor - can list.

Yes - the globalists want a one-world government - they DON'T WANT RON PAUL to win  - as is obvious from the GENERAL ELECTRIC-OWNED NBC etc..... "news" programs featuring talking heads bleating out the same sheepish crap necessary to keep their jobs.

I'm all for tar and feathers.  Yeah - and since our corporate-owned media fails America - they oughta' get it first.  Tar is hot - yes.  The feathers are just the "icing on the cake."  Does it hurt?  Who cares?  Not me - I've learned from my "protectors" in the CIA, militarized police - etc.... that human life or human dignity or human agony - are unimportant.  Just as long as at the end of the torture session the uniform-wearing goon gets a chance to shoot somebody.

I didn't used to hate cops - but I do now.  Mostly on the grounds that they are nothing more than puffed-up hall-monitors from high school - the failed would-be football pros - the failed winners of popularity contest - the failed human beings - might as well join the military or cop-shop for a chance to bust a few caps in who/m/ever.  F the Constitution - let's just "follow orders" - without having a clue - since we blindly follow our surrogate-Daddy bosses/superior officers - all the way to the grave - or the hangman's noose.  Good luck comrades - you're next.

Police, FBI, CIA, NSA - just a bunch of filthy lying' murdering scum - in my opinion at least.  After all - who else other than the filthiest scum of the Earth would blindly follow orders to murder families of Arabs - and then brag about it?  Don't any of you scumbags ever ever ever talk to me about anything - but then again - why would you have something to say - as an order-taker and water-carrier for the intermational bankers - if you come to talk to me - it's with some twisted sick kill-trick.  Yeah - you folks are so polluted.

And the women - the women involved in this filthy lie-of-a-war-on-horror - don't get me started about how useless you are.  I will stop with one request - kill yourself.  If you are a "mother" working for the CIA, FBI, NSA - what are you gonna' do when you shoot your own kid you idiot?  That is how stupid you uniform-wearing lemmings are.  Pure sick.

That's enough for now.


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