Interview on London riots: Vid and comments

The violent revolution has begun - made inevitable by the FACT that peaceful revolution has been made impossible.  Impossible by an OWNED TV-MEDIA, OWNED CONGRESS, OWNED LAW-INDUSTRY, OWNED MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, OWNED UNIVERSITY INDUSTRY, AND TRAITORS IN OUR OWN GOVERNMENT.

The man in the video below is right on target - anyone awake using their eyes and ears can see things for what they are.  Obviously his critical reasoning skills eclipse those of our "greatest" "leaders."

How is it possible that "everybody knows" what's going on- how much everyone is hurting - how there is no plan to fix this mess - but we have phonies and cronies in government talking baloney?  The Dems blame the Repubs blame the Dems and the Circus goes on.  We are losing our futures, condemning our nations children to debt-slavery - and where is Congress?  Many taking a junket to the 51st state of Israel!  WTF!!!!

"Eighty-one congressional representatives from all over the country, led by Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, are traveling to Israel this month. Most are freshmen congressmen, and the group includes half of all the freshmen Republicans voted into office in 2010."  CLICK HERE TO READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

Have you heard?  We are being looted by international bankers!  
We are being looted by international bankers!

I disagree that the powers-that-be didn't "see it coming."  If they didn't expect such massive civil unrest why have they already perfected their phalanx-like tactics for advancing on the mobs?  If they didn't expect such massive civil unrest how did the police budget so much money for such a vast amount of protective gear for so many police?  Of course they saw it coming.

I disagree that the government traitors in the pockets of the banksters didn't "see it coming." Wouldn't their funding be required at the central government level to feed money to the police so they could buy all the latest kill-toys and riot gear?  You bet.

For those questioning whether or not the riots will "come" to America - I ask you:  Why wouldn't riots break out here?  Americans - especially the youth - are on the hook for all the looted money - money they never spent - but are somehow expected to pay back - with interest of course.  Do you think that because the youth are young they are stupid as well?

Rioting will break out here in America - I would expect it on a scale beyond anything seen in any country so far.  I also expect that firearms will be used by the American population when the police and military (no longer restricted by posse comitatus) do something that will strike a nerve- awakening, angering, and galvenizing previously-sleep-walking mushroom-masses into an angry, bloodthirsty mob looking for revenge.

Revenge for dereliction of duty - for trampling on our rights - and for taking us for fools.  Whether or not firearms confiscations commence - Americans are known for "Yankee ingenuity" - guns are not really needed to defeat an occupying Army.

Foreign troops on American soil - may be the spark that flashes in the pan for the next "shot heard round the world" - as Americans react to killings of their own by mercenaries imported to enslave us.

If this all sounds paranoid - that's fine.  I am not paranoid - just calling it as I see it.  I wish I saw things differently.

Be prepared.  Expect the best prepare for the worst.  

And don't forget to call your Congressman!  (But don't forget it's long-distance to Israel!)

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