CIA calling for handouts?

Yes I know it's Thanksgiving and I'm supposed to be nice.  Unfortunately I looked at the news today - something I'd promised myself not to do.  

If you are a government leech you may wish to tune out now - 'cause this is not going to be nice.

Let's start out with the day I heard on the "news" that "we" were going to war with Iraq.  I wept.  Literally.  I had to go into another room so my wife and Joe, who were with me at the time, wouldn't see.  Then later I told them that our nation had better prepare for an onslaught of PTSD and limb-replacement.  They were talking about something else and didn't really notice.

So....I remember Mike Spann.  Yep - I read something in Parade or some other rag about his joining the military after seeing Tom Cruise fly a model airplane in a movie.  Then I vaguely remember something about Mikey Spann "interrogating" a prisoner in a prison camp in Afghanistan when the prison went wild and, don't know the details, but he was, essentially, killed.  Boo f'ing Hoo.  CIA man killed - don't give a sh*t.  Good.  One is not even f'ing close enough.  How about the whole sick establishment dying right now?  Talk about doing me a favor!  Here's a snippet:  READ more HERE

"The clandestine world rarely breaks its silence, especially when it comes to family, but the CIA Officers Memorial Foundation notes about 56 children of those killed in the line of duty will need educational support over the next 17 years.

Spann was part of a small group of CIA paramilitary officers who went into Afghanistan just 16 days after the al-Qaida attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Less than two months later, the CIA along with U.S. Special Forces Green Berets and a massive aerial bombing campaign helped Afghan militias drive out the ruling Taliban."

Oh poor Mikey Spann and his poor family.  Let's forget about the million or so Iraqi's murdered by his CIA classmates and our "troops."  Hey Mike Spann - you stink rotting in your grave.  Can you ask God to make the wind blow in the other direction?  You are making me sick.

Mike's "retired" CIA wife - needs money for their little darlings.  Boo f'n Hoo.  I wonder if all the Iraqi kids and Afghan folks with arms growing out of the backs of their necks from DU munitions care to toss a nickel they don't have into a hat for poor little Mikey f'n Spann's CIA family?  Good gawd I wanna' barf!

CIA people - you've got enough money to finance everyone dead from your wars of adventure - including the failed adventure of poor Mikey Spann.  I guess he wasn't able to get the last slap to the Afghanis face in before he met his maker.  


RIP Mikey Spann!  

Let this be a lesson for all adventure seekers everywhere invading sovereign lands everywhere - American or not.  I care not.

You occupy - you fry.

See ya'  Wouldn't wanna' be ya'

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