EU bans 'naked' airport security scanners after cancer fears

"Research suggests up to 100 US airline passengers a year could get cancer from the scanners."
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Note:  I wonder why this equipment is not regulated by the same bodies that regulate medical imaging equipment.  

Perhaps there is a "good" side to all of this.  We may be observing a "self-correcting" system - where the TSA actually kills itself off with their own radiation over time.  

Radiation dose is cumulative.  So they just stand there day in and day out and I suppose get their fair share of the "backscatter" or whatever radiation abounds.  Eventually the TSA at the airports should all die of cancer - eliminating themselves from the liberty equation.

Where are the insurance companies on this one I wonder?  AFter all they will have to pony up the cash to the bereaved as these workers start to bite the dust.  Why aren't the greedy insurance companies ditching these huge liabilities - these TSA "agents?"

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