Just Remember: Chemtrails are NOT REAL (BS alert)

We moved here for the beautiful blue skies that are NOW being manipulated into a milky stew of whitish haze.  Everybody here knows it.  People are pissed.  I took this picture from my deck today.  Lemme guess:  These are natural contrails - even though nothing of the sort ever existed in my past.  Bull-sh#t!

Lemme guess - my memory is failing.  Yeah right.

Allow me to suggest the death penalty for those spraying this crap onto me.  Yes - the death penalty - and I am willing to pull the lever, pull the trigger, or whatever lanyard etc... required to put these criminal scum to death.  The blue sky in the background WILL become a hazy white mess.

We had white splatters all over the house when we came home from a recent trip.  

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