People OK with murdering Assange

CLICK here for list of people calling for NAZI-like murder ...with quotes from each
Note:   There can be nothing more anti-American than something that is antithetical to the protection of individual rights enshrined in our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence.  And there is nothing more antithetical to our Constitutional Republic than EXTRAJUDICIAL MURDER.

I don't care who is calling for it - they are plain wrong.  They are YOUR ENEMY and they are MY ENEMY.  Just ask yourself - if you , reader, are accused of something - do YOU want YOUR DAY IN COURT?  Or is an accusation enough to justify a bullet to your head because some goof on Fox news is repeating something the Pentagon needs out there?  How about your kids?  Is it OK for somebody to murder one of your kids or a member of your family because some jerk on Fox News was told to repeat a script?

If a judge says extrajudicial murder is ok - the judge is wrong.  I promise you one thing - all of these people calling for extrajudicial murder - claiming we live in a "democracy" will remember with laser-like clarity - that we have a "republic" when the crowd, the majority, finally awakens and calls for THEIR MURDER!  Yes - they will suddenly see the light - the scales of justice - and the value of a constitutional republic that prevents anyone from murdering THEM!

This talk of murder is way way way over the top.  Lawyers arguing for murder and torture somehow are most representative of the nation's lawyers.  After all - they seem to have made the most progress in public opinion, in the courts, and in the delay and obfuscation of justice.  Essentially the real talent is working for TEAM MURDER INC. - the rest are helping the banks steal everybody's property.

Anyway - take a look at the list - give it some thought - and look forward to the day all of these clownazis begin their clamor for their day in court.

They say one should be careful what they wish for.  Maybe they will meet their end at the hands of the very public they've worked so hard to transform into soul-less zombies.  Does "what goes around come around?"

I am completely against extrajudicial murder - but if any of the clownazis on the list got whacked -what is one to say?  It was unfair?  It was unjust?  Who cares - they should have been quicker on the draw?

This is madness made glamourous by a crooked propaganda machine.  Hopefully, as they lose their audience, they will not be able to pay the power bill - and they will just fade out.

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