Taser used on postsurgical patient at Bedford hospital, police say

"When the officer arrived, "there had been two hospital employees that had been assaulted" by the patient, said Bedford police Lt. Kirk Roberts. To gain control of the man, the officer "used his Taser to restrain the subject so he could be restrained by the hospital staff."
The officer used a technique called a "drive stun," in which an electric charge is administered but the projectiles of the Taser aren't fired, he said."

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NOTE:  Let me guess - the police officer feared for his life so had no choice except jabbing the patient with the Taser then "administering" the jolt of electricity.    Or no - maybe somebody asked for a defibrillator and he improvised.  Perhaps I shouldn't be joking about this - but we are talking about Tasering a post-op patient in a hospital right?  Could this be a first in human history?  What did we do since they built the pyramids without Tasers in hospitals?

What can be more scary and dangerous than a post-op patient to an off-duty police officer?  Perhaps a broken donut machine - don't know.  Stay tuned for a story on "Cop Tasers Disobedient Donut Machine."  Are cops unable to do anything without pulling the trigger of something?

Look at the bright side - if that patient was at a hospital I recently visited up in Eastern PA - they heal burn patients - perhaps the patient would be dead.  The cops at that hospital are running around with giant automatics on their hips.  That was several months ago - but I have no reason to believe the policy has changed.  I found the scene revolting.  But it did raise some questions.

What is the policy for these police departments - just so we can retain maximum efficiency at the hospital - where health is number one?  Do they have a shoot-to-kill policy?  Or do they just giv'em a "flesh wound" like in the old cowboy movies?  This can help save time since they can know to call the morgue right away and not waste the ambulance team's time.

Heck - maybe we can just have the cops shoot everybody at the door.  Then there would be no chance of anyone - especially the cop - getting hurt, feeling "threatened," or being "terrorized" by a patient standing there with his ass hanging out of a hospital gown.  One renta-cop can actually reduce hospital costs since we would only need a morgue - all other departments superannuated.  Is this starting to sound familiar?  Oh - I keep forgetting how asleep everybody is:  I'm kidding about the shooting people at the door part.  I don't really think that's a good idea.  I don't want hospital administrators that may read this to get ideas.

One can only conclude that "security" trumps patient care in hospitals utilizing Taser-wielding and gun-toting goons.  The risk of a post-op patient always loomed large - until now - where we can rely on stupid to draw down and "administer" some lead pow-wow.

Is America really a nation of cringing ninnies - afraid of their own shadows - convinced that police have some superior "training" or "judgement" that makes them especially suited to "protect" us from "terrorists" that don't really exist? (until the FBI needs to stir the pot a little to keep the constant state of fear up for their next budget money-bath.)

At some point we are all going to have to stop running around in a panic and think about what we are doing.

So what is hospital policy at these places with weapons post-shock/shot "administration?"  If there is a shoot to kill policy at some where guns are carried, like the Pennsylvania center I recently visited:  Do they bother calling a medical team to revive a patient/visitor/terrorist recently sprayed with lead by a guard who felt threatened?  And if they do successfully revive the "mass" the renta-cop just shot up - is there a reprimand for bad shooting?

Mixed messages exist everywhere - and have been around for a long time.  Contradictory policies reveal that we've lost interest in "why" we do things.  The made-for-TV movie called the "war on terror" has succeeded in fostering a culture of panic-madness - where Americans no longer care why they have to do something, why one may risk death-by-renta-cop in a hospital, get sprayed with radiation at airports, have your private parts fondled by goons, have your bags searched to get on a bus.

Perhaps I'm making too much of stories such as this.  Or is it possible that I sense a numbness in our society that compels me to ring a bell of alarm?  Isn't that what one does when they know a building is burning - sound the alarm?  The more important question is....who will listen?
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