Snooping In Spouse's E-mail: Felony for a Father?

felony |ˈfelənē|noun ( pl. -nies)a crime, typically one involving violence, regarded as more serious than a misdemeanor, and usually punishable by imprisonment for more than one year or by death he pleaded guilty to six felonies an accusation of felony.The distinction between felonies and misdemeanors usually depends on the penalties or consequences attaching to the crime. In English common law, felony originally comprised those offenses (murder, wounding, arson, rape, and robbery) for which the penalty included forfeiture of land and goods..*Apple Dictionary

"Leon Walker faces felony charges for intentionally logging into his then-wife’s Gmail account on a shared computer. Leon Walker discovered his wife Clara Walker, who had been married twice previously, was having an affair with her second husband by reading her e-mails.
...Leon Walker is being accused of breaking a law that’s used to prosecute identity theft. He has been charged with felony computer misuse, and faces up to five years in prison if convicted. His trial begins February 7"

Felony?  So common it doesn't sound that important.   Heck it seems like they hand this charge out like free candy these days.  Although I'll bet it has a bitter taste - it is certainly a gift that "keeps on giving."  That is - it keeps on giving for the rest of your life - as you cannot work, own a firearm, vote - the list goes on and on.  It ruins your entire life.  Regardless of definitions - I'm telling you from contact I've had with several acquaintances - who told me they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But - bad things happen to good people right?  I'm not talking about that.  Our so-called justice system is supposed to protect the innocent - favoring the release of the guilty over the conviction of the innocent.  The FACT that it does nothing of the sort shows that the system is corrupt from top to bottom - left to right - inside out - and backwards.  Now lets take a look at this particular case - this excellent blog post does a great job bringing us up to speed:

Our own government employs stadiums of snoops sifting through all of our personal stuff every day.   Corporations employing computer programs watch our text and react to "key words" and "key phrases."  I know how effective this is since one day on gmail I was discussing a book someone was writing and after the first email that was sent mentioning this subject matter - lo and behold the ads changed to sell me all kinds of plastic methods of selling and publishing a book!  This was - as far as I could detect - virtually in real-time.  Who's getting a felony for that?

In this case - the INDIVIDUAL was NOT caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.  He performs detective work to fix things wrong in his life - kids involved - and ACTUALLY DETECTS A "CRIME."  He actually has "probable cause" clearly justifying his action.  To not do so, look at the emails, would he not actually be guilty of negligence toward his duty as father?  I'm not a lawyer but I'm not talking about the stupid law system that enables this mess.  I'm talking about natural law - the duty of a father to his family.

How many peeping-thoms in government and corporamerika can meet the standard for probable cause met by Leon Walker?  This guy takes one look and solves a crime with surgical precision - to face jail.  The shotgunners in government and industry, meanwhile, continue unimpeded - almost like Dick Cheney - where they can shoot their own lawyer in the face and their lawyer apologizes for blocking the field of fire!***  Check out the bonus vid at bottom of this post - no felony here right?  Penalties for crimes in America don't depend on the crime committed- they depend on the social position of the person committing the crime.  

Tell me:  What good is that "government" doing the people? What value is a government that rather than keeping the peace and providing an environment in which this family can thrive - instead gets involved with the result of breaking the already-broken family apart - and seperating the remaining good parent from the children if he winds up in jail?  Who is supposed to pay for this unjustice?  I'll give you one gwadammed guess.

This disgrace is yet another illustration of the madness that has taken over our society.  Where are the free and the brave?  How can one be "free" and "brave" when a benign action, like reading wifee's email results in a FELONY?  What fool still believes that our justice system will bring them justice?  (Disclaimer:  By "fool" I mean unenlightened middle class or poor.  I don't mean Jonathan Pollard, Cops who shoot innocent people in the back, or super-criminals on Wall Street.  They know the system works for them.)

This criminal's justice system serves one purpose - to support the closing of an impenetrable icy-cold iron curtain of tyrannical incrementalism - designed to hide the beacon of liberty from a public hammered daily with the fear-bleating of TV and radio propagandists, fear-salesmen in Congress, fear-profiteers in the military-industrial-educational complex - and the uniformed robots hiding behind the tinted windows in the cruisers and portable watch-towers that, like a cancer are eating the life out of America.

Our criminal's justice system serves an elite of well-heeled ill-meaning vipers.  Our legal system is a swamp of quicksand for the public, like this man, presenting no obstacle to the well-heeled who can afford to fly right over it.

Where are our judges, and lawyers and police on these matters?  How do they maintain that haughty air about them while good people rot in jail?  While America tortures?  While Tasers and guns are turned on a public becoming more and more accustomed to reading about the last person or their pet that died at the hands of law enforcement in a hail of bullets, falling from  a bridge after being tasered, or whatever lame reason given?

Unfortunately - as with everything in life - the blame falls with YOU and ME.  If WE are willing to accept slavery we will get slavery.  If we are comfortable electing dictators then we will get dictators.

The information is out there.  The discussions are in progress.  Perhaps you are involved?

The question remains - will this government respond to peaceful petition for change?  The answer to that question - and it will require give on the part of the government - will determine whether or not the coming revolution in America will be peaceful or violent.

There IS a balance of power in America.  The public is armed.  This public DOES have the capacity and the will to put up a fight - they are actually aching for it - just look at the reactions after 911 - I remember some guys shot up a helicopter with semi-automatic rifles for nothing - heck - they figured "there's a war going on - there's a helicopter - shoot" - and they did.

Nothing big has happened because the general public is just now waking up in larger numbers.  There is a critical mass right now that are right on the verge, the edge that once they see the light their friends have been trying to show them, once they drink the water we've led them to - will forever see with unclouded vision what is going on.  Those are the people that will turn the tide - and after that point there will be no stopping until the rage runs itself out.

Our government representatives, contractors, everybody actually loyal to America must heed these words and think about them.  There is truth out there.  There is right and wrong.  You cannot run a "good" country and torture people at the same time.  Following such contradictory threads in our society will take you to the bad guys.  It is up to you to look NOW before it is too late.

A government, any government, that severely punishes a FATHER for doing what is obviously just and good,  who's further actions result in isolating children from said parent -  is a BAD GOVERNMENT THAT MUST BE ABOLISHED.  THAT FACT IS AS PLAIN AS THE NOSE ON YOUR FACE.

BONUS VIDEO: Bear with the commercial, click here for link to story, Cop riddles Citizen for......

Note:  ***I think it was Jim Marrs that said this in a speech - I borrowed it .

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