Video: Purse to a Gunfight

Note:  This almost doesn't look real for some reason.  I guess the school board hasn't been responsive to the man's concerns regarding his wife's job.

 In the next video we can conclude that Matt Lauer hasn't seen the movie - "V" - since he thinks the guy painted a cymbal on the wall.  I see no pictures of percussion equipment on the wall.

 Although Matt finds this video disturbing - I have become desensitized to watching people being shot on video. I mean really being shot with a gun (which is shot on video) - to clarify. What I do find shocking is that numb-nuts Matt is still shocked by all this ........... and that he thinks the guy painted a cymbal on the wall.  

Matt'd might as well get used to it - we'll be seeing more I suspect. Check out the video below where we see some lady bring - no not a knife - a purse - to a gunfight. I'm impressed with the education the kids are getting in that school district - I hear their "conflict resolution" class is a real blast.

Oh - Matt - there is a great movie - V for Vendetta - might want to check that out.

...I wonder if they will follow through on their promises to get his wife a job to replace the loss of her last one - the event that prompted this person to take the law into his own hands?

"Some people (The corporate-sponsored media) will say I was evil, a monster (V) was just born poor in a country where the wealthy manipulate." - says the gunman.

Who's to blame when the inevitable violent revolution finally arrives? The violent revolutionaries or those who made peaceful change impossible?
update: Attack planned - calendar marked

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