Good! Ron Paul quits CNN "interview" about gossip since the country needs to talk about the REAL ISSUES AMERICANS FACE

Someone sent me a link to this CNN idiocy linked below - focusing on nothing that matters - smearing Ron Paul.  But they have no time to address the recent NDAA treason voted into "law" by our Congress awaiting "Constitutional Scholar" to sign into "law" defying their oaths of office.  No time for the burning of the US Constitution - but plenty of time to try to attach crap to Ron Paul that really has nothing to do with him, crap that is inconsistent with everything this great man has done for our country, is inconsistent with his respect for ALL PEOPLE,  is inconsistent with everything the man stands for.  Yes - that's the role of CNN - to make sure that they present the most irrelevant garbage to the public in the hope that the public won't do their own homework and make up their own minds.

Turn off CNN.  They suck.

Why don't they talk about the issues?  Because they don't want YOU - ME - We the People to hear Ron Paul's strict adherence to the Constitution, his impeccable track record keeping his word in office, his intention to BRING THE TROOPS HOME.

This silly day-late-and-dollar-short attempt to continue with the show they've been putting on for Americans while assisting the blood-suckers and war-mongers with their diabolical plan to con Americans into yet another war - this time with Iran - using the same sorry-assed excuses as last time.  Gotta' get rid of Ron Paul.  Gotta' try to make him look bad somehow, anyhow, anyway...

Here is the CNN smear job: 

CNN hit-piece click 

Remember that Wolf the Blitzer is worried for his country - Israel.  Because he KNOWS RON PAUL WILL CUT ALL FOREIGN AID INCLUDING ISRAEL.  

Remember where Wolf's Loyalty will always be:  take the time to watch how "UNBIASED" WOLFIE IS.  Don't be fooled.  Go to time=2:18  Notice the placard.  Geez - no wonder he doesn't want Ron Paul in office representing the interests of AMERICA FIRST!

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