It's Time to Stop Living The Lie

We are all human - and therefore imperfect.  Given that I'd say it's tough to pick on any individual for their own personal struggle to maintain their existence in our corrupt society.  After all  - "everybody's doing it" right?

I'm not in agreement with this train of thought - but I can understand it.  Unfortunately this strategy is doomed to failure - almost like a chain letter - with the last leaving the boat holding the bag.  

On a more human level - we adults - thinkers - should take some time for introspection - self-examination - questioning our reason-for-being and the world we intend to leave for the coming generations.

Many of us are living lies.  Fantasies possibly?  Blackmailed existences perhaps?  Clinging to formerly advantageous alliances that have become "ball-and-chain" weights - holding us back - preventing us from escaping the lie we live?  

At what point does an adult face the consequences of their actions?  At what point does an adult take a moment to examine the repercussions of their actions - or inactions?  When will we Americans with the secrets - the information the public needs to face our problems so that we can solve them - at what point do we wake up in the morning and say - I'm finished with this bullshit - I can no longer live this lie.

Perhaps my words make no sense to you - my cherished reader.  Perhaps you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

Murder Incorporated is everywhere - we know that.  But there is strength in numbers - and the wheels of justice - although grinding slowly - do come round.

It is time to stop living the lie.  It is time to think about that moment in the future - perhaps tomorrow - perhaps far off - the moment we will all face - when it is time to meet our maker - when it is time to leave this existence - a time we will all face.

Will you leave this place better than you found it?

Courage is independent of fear.  Courage is marching forward while scared to death.  Maybe my telling you there is really nothing to fear sounds lame - but there really is nothing to fear - since we all must answer to our highest critic - ourselves.

Remember the old saying about asking a question in class - when one raises their hand - they are raising it for the silent majority of the class that lacks the courage to ask the question.

The truth - the whole truth - and nothing but the truth will set us free.  

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