How Am I supposed to enjoy the "holidays" when my government asserts the right to kill me?

Holy Smokes - I'm tryin' to get into the "holiday spirit" - I'm not being politically correct here - I don't give a rats bee-hind about that - but I'm struggling with the dichotomy - happy joyous feelings of mirth - and awaiting some dumbass in a uniform with a badge and gun to "take me away."  

I am not paranoid - scared - concerned - any of that.  Why should I be?  Surely the cops around here are smart enough to understand that I have the right to keep and bear arms to protect my unalienable rights - whether they follow the illegal orders to deny them - or some mercenary outfit of dumbasses that can't read the Constitution.

I'm in a pickle:  Why?

I got in my car today - and went to drink from my tea-cup - but somebody else was takin' a drink.  It was one of those ubiquitous "stink-bugs" - the little bugger took a walk down the interior wall of my Thomas Jefferson cup and was drinking some fine Earl Grey.  I had to pour it out and thirsty-bug - I couldn't hurt him and made sure he didn't drown during the process.  Call me a sissy - I don't care.  The bug's just doin' his job.

The point is that my own personal philosophy prevents me from killing anything or anybody - period.  Why the hell would I?  I only know that I have no idea why I'm here, the bug is here or anyone is here.  But thanks to a treasonous Congress - I no longer enjoy such luxury.  My own government has declared war on ME AND YOU.  Now we have a problem.

I hope that when Obama signs this:

...that the cops, sheriffs, military, mercenaries - all of them understand that I can't go to jail for exercising my freedom of speech.  How will I pay my mortgage?  (Just kidding)

The problem is that it is MY JOB to help the "authorities" in their pursuit as perfecting their status as American citizen from encroaching upon my unalienable rights.  That's a real shame - because I know that 20% of the people in any organization do 80% of the work - which means that the other 80% of cops are a bunch of dumbasses that will have to be shot if they intend to imprison any American citizen without trial.  How horrible.  

I cannot imagine shooting a human being with an AK - or WASR-10 - or .22 Ruger with a 50-round mag - or a Browning shotgun - or Dad's double-barrel 12 gauge - hey - I can't even hunt any more.  But I would rather hunt than spend time in indefinite detention any day.  

What would I tell my father if he knew I let a bunch of goons with badges and guns take me captive without at least gunning a few of them down?  That would be a real disgrace.

It's the Christmas/ Holiday season - nobody wants to think of such things - but in my mind - this is the time for reflection.

If you swore an oath to "defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic" and you cannot see that we have domestic enemies - and I'm not one of them - well...I guess high noon is coming.  It's a damn shame - because many depending on me will be disappointed if I die in a gun battle here at the house.  The homestead - my "homeland" that goons may invade.

But - maybe that's what it will take to wake up those still living the lie - the fantasy.  Don't know.

Please don't come to my house to indefinitely detain me without trial.  I cannot allow that.  I'm a great shot - especially with a rifle.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

P.S. - perhaps this indefinite detention legislation is a good thing - since it will legalize our (citizens/militia) using the "law" to hold the traitors accountable for their betrayal of their oaths to uphold the Constitution.  

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