ONLY Adherence to the Constitution qualifies ANYONE to be President - why?
During this holiday season, listening to the holiday music, observing the decorations (i LOVE Christmas lights), taking the time to celebrate good will towards all - taking in the holiday spirit - my mind naturally wanders to thoughts..... of ..... LIBERTY.

As we watch "our" [sic] "mainstream" [sick] media struggle with the "problem" [rut-roh] that the public is awake now - and we want Ron Paul to be our next president - folks just now learning about this great man are bombarded with so much perfected "American" propaganda - they may occasionally feel doubt introduced by the puppet-master liars every now and then - stalling their New Year's resolution to Vote for Ron Paul for President in the coming New Year.

I'm not going to tell you that Ron Paul is a messiah - that's crazy.  I won't tell you he's never made a mistake - he's never stumbled as all humans do ever in his life - that's crazy too.

I WILL tell you that he has a long long record of doing in office exactly what he promised to do while running for office - THAT'S A FACT.

As you watch the paid-off liars in the media stumble, scramble, backpedal, support the next lie - the usual tactics - attempt to drum up mud-slinging lies to discredit this great man - realize one thing...

The Constitution - for which Ron Paul is champion BAR NONE - does NOT distinguish between sinners and saints.  The Constitution is the Law of the Land - and simply by following its carefully crafted system of checks and balances designed to distribute power among three branches of government denying all the advantage of absolute power - makes the intentions of the candidate moot.

It matters not what Ron Paul intends to do - he has already demonstrated for decades that he abides by the Constitution no matter what.  Respectfully deferring to its limitations when those limitations limit his ability to act - and pledging to oppose those who try to subvert the Constitutional checks and balances for personal benefit or the benefit of their puppet master.

Think about it - if the Devil himself ran for President - and the Devil himself abided by the Constitution - we'd be living in a helluva' lot better place than we are now - because there would be NO INDEFINITE DETENTION, NO SELLING GUNS TO DRUG KINGPINS IN MEXICO WITHOUT CONSEQUENCE, NO TORTURE (cruel and unusual punishment as the Devil himself is famous for) - NONE OF THIS IS POSSIBLE WHEN ONE ABIDES BY THE CONSTITUTION.

No more pre-emptive wars based on lies, no more anything not specifically stated as the limits on the power of the government created to serve We the People without the Rule of Law.

That's why I suggest everyone make it their New Years Resolution to Vote for Ron Paul.  On that one point alone - but if you are so inclined - dig into his past - you will find that he is straight-up-honest, caring, giving, and an American patriot of the highest courage to be found.

Our American Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence are the gifts given to We the People by our forefathers, all recognized by Ron Paul unequivicolly, absolutely - forever.

The Holidays are a time for reflection and sharing with Family and Friends.  The best Holiday cheer anyone can share is LIBERTY.

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