Escaping Tyranny: The Bitter Taste of Truth - Our only way out

It is a fact that with each passing day, hour and minute that increasing numbers of citizens are awakening to the trouble we liberty-lovers face.  I base this conclusion on recent reflection, conversations with friends, acquaintances and family - trends in the news, comments to web-based media stories, whistleblowers, marches, the desperate tone of the paid-media-liars... an abbreviated list... so what?  As my cherished friend Bru asks:  "Who will listen?"  It has taken me years to understand the complexity of this seemingly simple question.  Why?

Perhaps a more personal question is "Why do I care?"  Why should anyone care?  Why should you, dear reader, care about the so-called "truth?"  Isn't it more practical to dig in - mind our own affairs - keep a low profile - and ride the storm out?  The world will keep on turning - what can one person do?  Isn't it folly to believe that any one of us can really make a difference - what's the saying?...."You can't fight city hall."

Consider the war-propaganda poster below.  Notice who the finger is pointing at.  The poster begs "YOU" to sacrifice - possibly your life - for your country by joining the U.S. Army.  The INDIVIDUAL is targeted for one simple reason...

... that INDIVIDUALS - YOU - and ME ...must be convinced to cooperate with those leading the nation because without our cooperation - the machine stops dead in its tracks.

The poster above doesn't get into discussions about the causes of the war, who will finance the war, the obscene waste of war, the death, the destruction, the debt, the loss of liberty "required" during wartime that remains lost long after the war is over... no... just a bumper-sticker-slogan urging YOU to blindly join the great cause - because your country needs you.  The assumption:  That all your thinking has been done for you by altruistic representatives you elected, representatives that know the facts - understand the big picture - and are taking life-and-death war decisions as a last resort - and as a necessary step to preserve our way of life.  

We didn't have the internet when this poster was made.  Things have changed - we no longer have to base our decisions upon assumptions - we can gather information and make up our own minds as to the morality of national efforts - that is - if we are willing to face the truth when we find it - and if we have the courage to act despite negative short-term consequences - it is our future and the future of those who will inherit the world we leave them that is at stake.  

Today - Uncle Sam wants YOU for a new "army."  This is an army of peace, communications, justice, and return to the rule of law - for everyone.  It is no longer acceptable for an adult to simply walk into a recruiting station to volunteer to carry a rifle, follow orders, kill people - while occupying a foreign nation that has never attacked us.  For an adult to blindly participate in America's present imperial wars despite the plethora of FACTS available to those willing to look demonstrating that our wars - and those in the making -are based upon lies - is a disgrace to the participant - and a disservice to the cause of liberty.  There is no longer any excuse for any adult to participate in the wars of aggression in which we are now engaged - or the planned war with Iran, Syria, Somalia - based on trumped up allegations with no foundation in fact.  Those willingly participating in these immoral invasions,  occupations, and mass-murder are WAR CRIMINALS.  Those opposing the psychopathic "leadership" of the U.S. are PATRIOTS.  

Perhaps you've seen the video below:

The rhetoric is inflammatory.  I'd bet that Mr. Carlson won't be carrying a rifle into Iran should America be gulled into a conflict with Iran.  This makes the stakes much lower for Mr. Carlson than for say, your son or daughter, or other loved one that will have to go.  Yes this is obvious - but when such war-mongering rhetoric is so common on "mainstream" corporate-bought-and-paid-for media - not only common - but the ONLY message to the audience - one must wonder why folks like Mr. Carlson are so enthusiastic for more mass-murder.  How do people like Mr. Carlson get so much airtime selling a bloodbath based on lies?  Who's interest is Mr. Carlson working for when he appears on the airwaves to gin up war based on lies?  

And why are stories like the following ignored by our "media watchdogs?"

"WASHINGTON, D.C. — Current and former service members staged a rally outside the White House today in support of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.
Several hundred troops and their supporters attended the event. The veterans were men and women, young and old, some in uniform and some in plain clothes.

Ron Paul shares an unusually high percentage of supporters in the military compared to the other candidates and it shows in his campaign funding. TheCenter for Responsible Politics reports the candidate touted more than $95,000 between September 2011 and January in individual donations from current and former members of the military, higher than any other candidate. Obama comes in second at roughly $72,000.
As a former Air Force flight surgeon, he is the only former serviceman campaigning for president."

Notice that the ONLY CANDIDATE that is anti-war is the ONLY former serviceman.  Isn't that interesting?  Notice that Ron Paul is the candidate the troops support.  Don't you think it makes sense that if you want to "SUPPORT THE TROOPS" that you ought to support Ron Paul?  


As an individual - YOU CAN make a difference.  The trend toward tyranny America is presently following must be stopped NOW if you care about leaving this world a better place than you found it.

It doesn't matter how insignificant you may think your actions are - discussing the issues facing us - helping awaken those you know to the steps we are taking toward tyranny.  Reminding your friends that history repeats - and sharing what you may know about previous tyrannical trends from the past - and how we are repeating that history.  Alerting others to false-flag attacks and "news" reports claiming some patsy intended to blow something up - while no evidence is presented.  

You can tell your friends about truth telling websites. You may meet resistance - fine - back off - try again on someone who is ready to face the truth.

It is time to say "NO" to those in trusted positions of authority abusing our rights - when they were hired to protect those rights.

It is time to hand the pink-slips to the crooked politicians who tell stories during a campaign to get elected - then do whatever their highest bidder tells them when they get to office.

It is time to say "NO" to illegal orders that violate the Constitution.

It is time to blow the whistle when you know lies are being fed to the public.

It is your call - Liberty or Tyranny.  Not a difficult choice.

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