What should be the "National Religion" of America?

Americans must decide what they stand for.  Our values are enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution +Bill of Rights.  

Our country has changed to become a melange of people whose faiths, cultures, languages, music may differ greatly.  But when it comes down to it - we all want the same thing.  Our liberty.

Will Americans step up to the task - pushing back those who wish to deny our great nation an opportunity to take a new leap - as we bring such diverse cultures together under one roof - where tolerance is granted to everyone, where everyone gets a fair shake, yet is free to do as they wish as long as they don't tread on the rights of others?

I cannot find a reference to this quote - my memory may be wrong - but somewhere I heard Abraham Lincoln quoted:

"Let RESPECT FOR THE LAW be our national religion."  

I say:  "AMEN!"

If only Rick and Mitt had a clue.  I think Merle pretty much sums up their vision of America under their (Egads!) ......presidency.....the lyrics...is it fair to say they reflect a viewpoint ripe-no - maybe rotten by now - deserving to be superannuated?  But there are those desiring leadership positions who just can't let go...who can't see the vision Americans have for what our country has become - and would be - if they would stop the madness - the Wars - on drugs, on terrorism*, on this, on that - and finally now on YOU and ME...

We don't smoke marijuana here - not even to save your life...
What's the saying?  "All Hat and NO CATTLE!"  Bombs away!


...Mitt cares...but NOT about you if you desperately need a certain plant for its medicinal qualities to stay alive...yes Mitt cares....about his bankrollers...

...but we have to look out for the rights of other people - like......corporations!

Deny medicine to a seriously ill American ....but "NO" is NEVER the answer when Israel needs something...


It's time to stop the violent religious extremists - especially the American ones.

Vote Ron Paul - stop the wars - save the Constitution - for everyone.
* "War on Terror" - I apologize for using this term, as part of "War on Terror" because I try not to use phrases I don't understand.  I know that "War on Terror" means absolutely anything anyone wants it to mean - which in turn makes it...meaningless.  My apologies ...

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