Vid: 911 a Conspiracy Theory

Note:  I should've watched this a long time ago and done my part to get the word out but I've been distracted from the 911 mess by the latest ramp-up to war with the next PNAC target, and the recent repeal of the US Constitution.  

An excellent video - really well-made - accurate, and expertly fit into a time-segment format our concentration-and-memory deficient society demands.

Really great work.  Too bad we have so many gutless turds in our government willing to ignore evidence, willing to "go along to get along" - willing to let the perps walk away from murdering our fellow citizens for their personal gain.  Willing to let firefighters drop dead of every disease under the sun.  

But there's still time for our public servants to awaken, to grow up, to realize our common peril - to realize the ephemeral existence they are living - the folly of empire.  The sin of mass murder - which pre-emptive war really is.  

Great 911 truth work I'd say.

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