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"Since there is no meaning to words,

Since words equal void,
Can there be any words for thoughts
If thoughts are not void?

Assuming words might mean,
Thought may be words,
Were ears be deaf
Would there be any words?

Were ears able to hear,
And words to express,
And were thoughts not void
Would there be any words of mutes?
The Ear hears, the Mouth speaks,
The Words mean, Thought is –
Or so we proudly assume and claim –
Yet there is no mind to grasp them.
Can there be any words for Thought?"
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Note:  Deep thought - I love it.  I've often wondered about our "tools of thought" - words - language.  I've wondered if we are both empowered and limited - by our language and words - the ones we default to for our very process of thinking.  

Does the German language facilitate better engineers than the English language?  Can of worms.  BMW M3 - that oughta' say it all - but BMW can't build a robust transmission to save their reputation.  But damn when their transmission is actually working properly, which is about 30,000 miles into the life of the vehicle - nothing is sweeter.  

But I'vew had plenty of American cars and the transmissions took such a beating it was scary-nothing the Beemers could ever take.  Then - we get into the problem with British cars - Brits speak the "same" language - but their design philosophy and appeal are quite different from the American.  

Just rambling here - but that's what  you get when you read poetry.

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