British Troops (REDCOATS) on American Soil: Desensitizing America to Foreign Troops using "humanitarian" excuse

"Winnfield said that NORTHCOM has already "trained 31 National Guardsmen in 31 states to serve as dual-status Joint Task Force Commanders to prepare for the eventuality of standing up the new response structure. (McCarter) He made four other poignant statements clarifying, come hell or high water and regardless of collateral damage, Americans will be under military-police rule for Full Spectrum Dominance:"

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Note:  In THIS RELATED ARTICLE you will find that British soldiers have been deployed on US soil to "help us" - as if that country has human resources nearing anything the United States can muster.  They'd all be speaking German if American armaments, supplies, and especially TROOPS weren't made available by the USA. 

Consider this excerpt from the article linked:

Among those troops was Cpl. Arseny Barkovskiy, a British soldier with the Allied Rapid Corps’ Military Police Battalion, who traveled from his home in London Friday, June 10, to work with the South Dakota Army National Guard’s 235th Military Police Company for two weeks at Dakota Dunes as part of the U.S. Army’s Personnel Exchange Program.

 British Firing on Americans - HISTORICAL FACT!

I was integrated into the unit and did everything my U.S. counterparts did,” said Barkovskiy, who performed security and checkpoint operations with the 235th soldiers, as well as military driver’s training.

Spc. Caleb Fousek, a military policeman with the 235th from Rapid City, said his English counterpart was a great help to their operations.

“He has a very acute sense of what to look for,” said Fousek. “He’ll spot little details others might miss.”

One such detail was when the British soldier reported the description of a civilian cameraman who was filming in a restricted area, and was later found at a checkpoint based on that description, he said." in other words - this limey is on American soil checking American citizens' ID's at checkpoints?  This f'ing REDCOAT is "spotting" civilian (American citizen) cameramen doing something "wrong?"  

But now I'm to believe that the US needs British soldiers to help us?  Sounds like a good way to get American citizens used to seeing foreign soldiers right in their hometown - giving them orders - that they MUST obey.  What better way to bring foreign troops into the US than as a "humanitarian operation" - isn't that how it's always done?  

Fellow Citizens - we are being incrementally conditioned, desensitized and conned into accepting foreign troops on our soil.  

First it's for humanitarian reasons to help in an emergency like a flood - then it's for other reasons - like controlling an angry population - an awakened "sleeping giant" - the American citizenry when that fateful day comes - the day the critical mass of American citizens join together to take America back from the murderous thieves responsible for the train wreck that is America.

If we didn't have troops deployed to over 130 nations - we wouldn't need a bunch of REDCOATS on OUR PROPERTY GIVING US ORDERS!....REDCOATS swearing allegiance to....ready for this?.....a QUEEN! None of these limey REDCOATS took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States - so WHAT IS THEIR MISSION?  The oath taken is the foundation upon which ALL MILITARY DECISIONS SHOULD BE BASED.  ALL MILITARY DECISIONS - HUMANITARIAN OR OTHERWISE.  IF THE MISSION IS INCONSISTENT WITH THE SOLDIERS OATH THE SOLDIER SHOULD DISOBEY ORDERS.

If the REDCOATS didn't take the same oath our American military personnel did - but both military units are cooperating toward a mission - and they have differing oaths - then IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THEM TO BE WORKING TOGETHER TO DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.  SO WHAT REALLY IS THEIR MISSION?



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