Steal a dollar, jail for life - Steal a fortune, leniency

""He fails to acknowledge his central role in destroying Hollinger International through greed and lies, instead blaming the government and others for what he describes as an unjust persecution," prosecutors said in a recent filing.
At Friday's hearing, Black said obliquely that, "It is not the case that I have no remorse." But he didn't say those feelings had anything to do with any wrongdoing on his part, rather that he had been too trusting of others.
Black's lawyers argued that he was a model prisoner who gladly offered advice about business and other matters to prisoners who constantly approached him."
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Note:  This is borderline amusing - meaning it's "funny" regarding the judge's recognition of this crook's generosity to "inmates" - offering advice on business matters that didn't pay off for the investors that entrusted him with their money.  Just another example of a "justice" system populated by out-of-touch bufoons and suckers - who still think a suit means honest while poor-and-desperate means long jail sentence.  This judge is typical of the output of our American lawyer-system - a complete jackass.

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