Strawman's Blog: A True Financial Dilemma

dilemma |diˈlemə|nouna situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two ormore alternativesesp. equally undesirable ones"
USAGE Dilemma should be reserved for reference to a predicament in which a difficult choice must be made between undesirable alternatives: : You see his dilemma? If he moves to London, he may never see his parents again. But if he stays in Seattle, he may be giving up the best job offer of his life. The weakened use of dilemma to mean simply ‘a difficult situation or problem’ ( : the dilemma of a teacher shortage) is recorded as early as the first part of the 17th century, but many regard this use as unacceptable and it should be avoided in written English." (Apple Dictionary)

"That blue line down at the bottom heading up from left to right is a support line"

" The truth is that once a heavily indebted nation has embarked on a zero interest rate policy, it is very difficult to remove the punch bowl."
Note:  Between a rock and a soft (currency) place?  Enlightening reading - striking the very nerve - because if they raise the interest rates intending to increase incentives for savings - they are dooming themselves because they've already created a near-zero-interest-dependent population of borrowers - who - if the interest rates were raised - because of their adjustable interest loans - not be able to cover their payments. in the HE-double-toothpicks did that happen?  

It happened because greed took over - and good people stood by and did nothing.  I'll give the honest bankers credit - (not at zero percent)- but the problem is that there weren't enough of them to overpower the crooks that knew that by abusing the balance they could line their pockets.  Unfortunately - we have some laws for reasons - good laws - the one's that the crooks know that if they break them the penalty exceeds the benefit of committing the crime.  Obviously in our Orwellian America of today - CRIME PAYS!  Why? Simply because the benefits of committing the financial pillage of ones own nation outweigh the penalties - penalties which don't seem to exist for the super-rich Wall Street Banksters.

Check out the linked site - knowledge is power.  

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