Ice Cream shitters bullshit American mushrooms

"Cheryl Reyes, who works in an office in Orange County, bought her $400 ticket as soon as she heard the royal couple would be coming to Santa Barbara. Standing across the field nibbling on a sandwich and drinking a flute of juice, she worried about whether she'd be able to see the duchess.
"I wanted to see Princess Catherine," she said. "There's just something magical about being a commoner and ending with a prince. She's the one I want to see.""

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Note:  Pardon me - but would the "royal" family please return to that dump-of-a-police state our forefathers shook off years ago?

Cheryl - is obviously retarded.  I feel sorry for her.  It may be the fluoride the royals like in other people's water, it may be a lot of things - but the end result is that.....she is dumber than dogshit.

This "prince" or whatever he is supposed to be - participated (kinda' like Bush fighting the Vietnamese over TExas) in the war in Afghanistan.  Notice - not a scratch.  Hmmmmmm.  Gotta get some medals for the TV cameras and the Enquirer.

Donations needed for vomit bags and musket balls.

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