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Thank (insert belief system leader) it's Friday!

I've been at this blogging exercise since March of 2007.  I sense progress  - it is encouraging.


As a tyro "writer" (actually blogger - and I can get into the differences) I've experienced a few ups and downs - and offer my life-learner lessons for you - my dear reader.  Perhaps these are elementary observations or simply admissions of my immaturity - or ignorance - it doesn't matter.  I'll put these thoughts out there for you to evaluate yourself.

I'm in my fourth decade of life on Earth - or this reality - take your pick - just offering that as a basis upon which you, my cherished reader, can judge the value of what I am about to offer for your perusal:

Before and during my earliest attempts at blogging - I would argue with people with the wit of a snake:  Tread on me and you will be bitten.  I've found that this method of changing minds is a failure.  Why?

Perhaps because reptiles don't reason - they simply react to whether or not they are hungry - or threatened - then strike with deadly force.  Either the reptile dies or the bitten does - but in the end - there is no real "winner" - no real conflict resolution - no understanding - no useful human "giant leap for mankind" - just pain and suffering for one party - survival of the other - while both await the next chance moment where to cross swords.  

The Gadsden flag, pictured above depicts a rattlesnake - a truly native American creature - which I would use as a good way to characterize myself - except that I am Homo Sapiens - thinking man - and I have a cerebral cortex.  The idea behind the symbology of the Gadsden Flag with a rattlesnake is that not only is a rattlesnake indigenous to the "New World" - but gives a rattling warning - and only strikes those who don't heed the warning.

In my case - although folks were heeding my warning as best they could - they, also being homo sapiens, were trapped within their own belief systems.  I realized that I could never hope to reason with a fellow human being if I acted like a reptile.  So how to make the connection?

Blogging, and especially the debates that ensue in the comments section - helped me to realize that human beings - agreeing or disagreeing must be treated with respect.  They must be told the truth - as painful as it is - and I, in return, as a fellow homo sapiens, must EXPECT their wrath, in return for my telling them the ugly raw truth.  After all - if someone walked up to me and said "Hey Jackass - your breath stinks!" - wouldn't I be insulted and degraded?  Would that open me up to discussion of matters that might actually solve the "problem" like tooth decay - ear,nose,throat illness etc...???  No - I'd be embarrassed - insulted - and probably pissed off enough to slug them in the face!  

Given the above - I've learned that although the MESSAGE is important - and the DELIVERY is important - that TIME FOR DIGESTION on the part of the message-receiver is especially important.  Unless the message of truth is delivered tactfully - in some cases - and supported with evidence - there is NO CHANCE of reaching the desired recipient.  But most importantly - what I'd missed - and believe I know now - is that TIME FOR DIGESTION ON THE PART OF THE RECIPENT - and CONSTANT GENTLE PRIDE-PRESERVING REMINDERS - over the long term would most efficiently - effectively - and ultimately - lead to a meeting of the minds.

America is in crisis - big time.  This is not a secret.  This is obvious - and possibly trite at this point - but I say it to let you, my dear reader, know that I understand the delicate nature of the topics we "conspiracy theorists" (propagandistic LABLE) try to discuss with those still hypnotized by the so-called dying, withering, decrepit, moribund "mainstream corporate media."  These topics regard grave issues - issues that shake and quake the very foundations of our republic - and therefore our way of life - the American Way - the way of Liberty, Individualism, Free Speech - SELF DETERMINATION - and again - LIBERTY.

It is now or never my friends.  Each and every one of us, must, hold the public serpents attempting to usurp our self-government - our government of WE THE PEOPLE, to make sure that our government remains OF THE PEOPLE, AND BY THE PEOPLE - 

Those of us - who can - must step forward now like never before - using any and all talents to keep the message out there that WE WILL OVERCOME any and all opposition to our LIBERTY.

We must not allow FALSE-FLAG attacks to side-track our cause - we must hold our public servants accountable for crimes against humanity - like TORTURE - regardless of any and all violent or otherwise "attacks" on America or elsewhere.

It is, perhaps, a tired cliche - that "freedom is not free" - but that doesn't detract from the FACT that "Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Freedom" - 

Recently a co-worker told me that he "didn't want to know what the government did to keep us "safe"" - 

Think about that statement.  WE THE PEOPLE are the ULTIMATE SOVEREIGN IN THE United States - which means that it is OUR JOB to police the government - ensuring that their actions are ALL  consistent with OUR VALUES.

Whatever you do - wherever you are - my dear reader - I implore you to get involved - speak out if you can - if you can't - find a way to donate to those who are speaking out on your behalf.  

The NAZIs used the defense "I'm just doing my job" - the same mantra many bill-collectors will tell  you.  This tells me that if the only job available to them was working the lever on a gas chamber they would do it - since "they were only doing their job."

Ignorance is no excuse for breaking laws in America.  Ignorance of the pain and suffering and usury inflicted by one's actions is not a defense - and - since the "wheels of justice grind slowly" - I warn those seeking haven in the usury industry to run for cover.

The sh*t is about to hit the fan.  We, Americans, will either hang together - or hang seperately.  The choice is YOURS.

Note:  Dedicated to Don Robertson and Lord Chesterfield - but mostly Don Robertson


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