NAZI Checkpoint confronted by Armed citizens on 4th of July

Note:  Thanks to Activist Post for bringing attention to this NAZI checkpoint where anyone unfortunate enough to pass through this random checkpoint must "show their papers" or ...what?  There's plenty of examples to show that these cops will shoot you as soon as look at you.  All on overtime - what a cash cow.  Who would'a thunkit that the money was in being a bald-headed uniform-wearing gun-slinging fascist?  Reality really is more bizarre than fiction.

It's obvious that the  "officials" we pay are used to the old American citizenry - you know - the cowed mushroom-masses - but in the case of the group of patriots that showed up at this event - were suddenly confronted by people who know their rights.

Officer Hurt or whatever the aggressive officious bully's name is - the guy on overtime with a gun and a badge telling the people paying for the road and sidewalk they are standing on - and his paycheck - that they can't stand there while his little NAZI collaborators participating in this "operation" (like they are saving a life in an operating room) - can stand there!

I wonder how many of the citizens actually are still working - you know - to pay the taxes to support the NAZIs telling where they can stand on the sidewalks they own.  How ridiculous is this getting?

A public "servant" that gives instructions to free American citizens who hired these illiterate NAZIs for one thing and one thing only - to preserve the very rights that the NAZIs are so quick to ignore as they boss and bully the public paying their salaries - and all this economy.....on OVERTIME on.....THE FOURTH OF JULY!  (Independence Day)

By Jupiter - I hope the NAZI thugs get a grip - because America is NOT NAZI GERMANY - AND IT WILL NOT EVER BE.  The NAZIs will go down because people without jobs - without money - paying the salaries of armed thugs - have nothing to lose - and will eventually come back out of their homes - away from their telescreens and sports distractions to find out who in the hell is enforcing the banking-robbery responsible for impoverishing everyone.

And......Americans are armed to the teeth.  That's something to think about.

Americans don't really care who they are at war with - that's obvious from the Iraq and Afghanistan and Libyan slaughterhouses.  Americans don't really care about who has to die to preserve their way of life - that has been established.

I suspect that the same logic follows for domestic NAZIs.

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