3 for 1 Deal: Home from a hard days work (and retired): Cops gun down their own sons to protect you...

Nothing like shooting your son to death after coming home from a hard days work.  Yes - these are three examples of police self-control to pay attention to.  

Luckily for us the rest of the police exercise similar restraint when using their firearm to kill someone - right?

Sorry didn't know how to remove the commercials selling you junk before they provide "news" about how these poor police were acting in self defense against their own children.

Bag'em and tag 'em!  What's for dinner Mom?

...Retired cop in Florida...SOMEBODY IN THE VID SAYS "this is routine..." notice the nonchalance with which the police guy prepares to shoot his son. He's already outside to get the gun then goes back to gun him down. Yeeeee haw!

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