So the American People Are "Waking Up." Fine. When Will the American Elites?

"But anyway, Americans love to bully. so much so that few Americans even realize that America, too, is being bullied. But no one--okay, no one but a few--will ever acknowledge that the country that bullies us has already done so, in 1967, when this country attempted to sink the USS Liberty. To acknowledge this is to commit a hate crime, so few will ever opening acknowledge this. 

Thing is, TRUTH is not a hate crime!

3. Their hatred of TRUTH. There are two, and only two, ways to understand and grasp the truth. One is to fully discern the Word of God, and this discernment can only be given to those who seek the truth...since so few Americans truly believe the Word of God and depend on it and obey it as well, then so few Americans get discernment of the truth of the Word of God.

What is the other? A truth that even non-believers, even atheists, can learn?


Thing is, TRUTH is not a hate crime!"

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