The American Art of "Remaining Calm" and why it makes me wanna' blow my top

Hi Reader,

I cherish "my" readers very much.  I consider it a great honor to have a forum where my thoughts expressed via the written word can be propagated to those interested in topics fond to me.

It is for this very reason that I have found myself guilty of "self-censorship" - a horrible crime for the philosoper - so horrible, in fact, that I wonder if it makes me worthy of the trash-heap of all those caving in to those controlling the valves to the conduits through which thoughts may stream out to We the People.

One commenter not too long ago gave me a gentle hint, about his/her's self-censorship - a self-imposed thought-prison - that somehow became a silent helmsman steering his moral compass and internal mind that was the fire that produced the steam for his writing turbines.

I thank that commenter.  And since this is an internet forum - I don't even know who in the hell it was - I'd have to rifle through the comments (no TSA and perverted government peeping-tom creeps spying on blogs and the American public -  NOT rifle as in bang bang the other definition) - on this blog to find the kind person with the generosity and well-delivered reminder to me - that he'd gone down the path my American journey is taking me - albeit a bit later.  

I am deeply saddened, horrified, dissappointed, crushed, sickened, mortified, and therefore stuck - as to what I have to say from now on.  I'm sure my addiction to blogging will make me continue somehow - but I am guilty of self-censorship due to the constraints imposed - willingly or unwillingly - right or wrong - ignorantly or with knowledge - by those willing to put up for public view my unpolished attempts to communicate my deep concerns for a nation that I am starting to wonder is my own.

This American Journey of mine has been terrible in more ways than it has been rewarding.  It is an experiment, exactly like a suicidal business experiment I embarked upon several years ago.

It both cases, before I started, I'd already made up my mind to never comprimise my morals.  And I never did.

In my business, a mom and pop coast-to-coast emergency service 24-7-365 MRI repair business that I HAD to start since I was screwed by my former employer after a move - and had a mortgage to pay among other debts - as philosopher first (an believe me that is not something to be proud of when it comes to coming up with the jingle for the bankers) - I decided to engage in business - charge what I had to, as my buddy Thom had taught me, and never ever lie, cheat, or steal to make a profit.  I would do everything with one interest in mind - to make sure that the machines I was responsible for, and had been trained to install, maintain, calibrate, troubleshoot, and repair would perform to the standards specified by the manufacturer - standards exceeded anything the pathetic accreditation groups and government pukes could come up with. I have reasons and experience to back that up but why go into it?

I trained my nephew - it took years - and a good starter - because you can't just train anybody to do this stuff.  He was a math wiz, science and engineering standout before he got out of high school.  He went to a prestigious engineering school up North and quit due to boredom - before I got hold of him and "showed him the ropes." The poor man is still recovering - and he was a boy when he started.

The technical details of the training are unimportant - since I'm just ranting here - but it would probable serve the reader to understand that when I train someone I don't fool around - and luckily for me I don't - because he saved my life one day as I was suffering from asphyxyation while de-icing a magnet some crook had run into the ground for a new customer we had just taken on.

You see - the way to make money in the medical equipment biz - and especially the MRI biz - is to take their money - promise them everything - then when something happens blame it on the customer.  Well there's no way a philosopher can do that - so going into this racket was never gonna' work - but I tried anyway - and I made sure my nephew saw that being honest in American business  - well - just doesn't pay off.  I can't wait to hear the arguments - but everyone is entitled to their opinions.  I'd have some mogul yelling at me on the cell phone driving back to Virginia from Chicago - and I'd just throw the phone to my nephew - he'd handle it.  

What's the point of all this?  The point is that if you are not willing to lie, cheat, and steal - you cannot do business in America.  There isn't enough time here to spell it out - but we eventually got cheated out of scores of thousands of dollars - and the lawyers - seeing the complications of a three-state case etc...and probably other factors - just let us rot.

My nephew worked for two weeks - hard - and never got paid for the last job.  All the bigshots just moved onto the next business to take advantage and all the "companions" I'd worked with 

(Companion= Com WITH panis BREAD)  IN other words people I'd ATE WITH AND MET THEIR FAMILIES STOOD BY TO WATCH ME BURN - regardless of whether or not I was in the right or in the wrong.  I was in the right - due to philosophers principle number one.  Also I have documentation showing the scum I was working for (I knew that - they only ripped my off because I wanted my nephew to make a decision and get robbed for making a stupid decision - which means thinking for one minute - that in American business - you can trust someone without having something on them)

Anyway...all of that has changed - I'm onto better pursuits and we are slowly paying off the bills for all the time we worked - have to go to court soon.  (yeah - I'll bet I'll get a fair shake their huh?  ha ha ha ha)

American business - and America in general has become a focus of greed and selfishness uber alles.  WE don't care how many people you starve, impoverish, or make homeless - we WORSHIP YOU FOR BEING A GREEDY IMMORAL PIG.  WE WORSHIP YOU FOR WANTING ANOTHER BOAT - EVEN IF YOU HAVE FIFTY.  EVEN IF WE ALL HAVE TO FACE THE SHERIFF - YOUR PAID SERVANT - TO EVICT US FROM THE HOME WE PUT OUT LIFE SAVINGS INTO THE DOWN PAYMENT FOR THE PRIVELEGE TO OCCUPY FOR A SHORT TIME - we love our enslavers - here in America.

I cannot finish my thoughts tonight on this rant - perhaps will continue another day/night.  

I'm deeply embarrassed to be an American right now.  There is really nothing to brag about - except one thing...

My own personal code of ethics that I never did, and never will break.  Two wrongs DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT.  

I can only keep up the good fight - keep doing whatever I can - and wait to see if this American public has the cajones to do whatever it takes to secure their liberty again - for - as of now - LIBERTY IN AMERICA IS TRULY DEAD.  

If that doesn't concern you - 

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