Wartime Contracting Commission Classifies Findings for Next 20 Years


"The Commission has been at work for three years, revealing that up to $60 billion in US war funds were lost due to waste, fraud, and abuse. One report concluded that “criminal behavior and blatant corruption” were directly responsible for much of the waste in the expensive “reconstruction”projects in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2002. It also found that one in every six contracting and grant dollars spent in Iraq and Afghanistan has been wasted."
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I  guess that the three years worth of pay sucked by government leeches working on this cover-up are to be ignored - since the amount of $60 Billion Bucks is so hideous in itself.  That a bunch of "public servants" wasted money for three years on this chimera means that either they are to dumb to know that you don't rat out the mafia, really had good intentions which makes them naive, or just did what they were told, as long as it pays the bills.

It's getting harder to blame government people for just standing there participating like the good lapdogs and servants they really are.  No not to the people - but to the gun-slingers and immoral merchants of death running what's left of the country in which I was raised.  Why?

Because if they talk out loud about what they've seen - the fact is - that they may be murdered by their employer - the U.S. government.  That's a pretty good reason to keep one's mouth shut.  And yes - there are plenty of psychopaths ready, willing and able to murder anyone anytime anywhere for the psychopaths in charge.

In a  country where it is considered a citizen's duty to simply get shot by a corrupt cop rather than face the media for self-defense - it's no wonder people just keep walking when a cop is "busy."  Yeah - they're out there with the cameras filming the cop-brutality - but so what?  Take the video to court and the cop gets off scot-free.  Who cares about the public rage in the court of public opinion?  Not enough judges, lawyers, cops, or other participants in the corrupt screwdicial system.   The screwdicial system is exactly that - there to screw you when you come naively seeking justice.  What planet were YOU born on?

So when we see articles like that above - we yawn.  This is not new, this is not news, this is not surprising, this is not anything but another daily reminder of how things really are in this country.

Oh - by the way - ALL JUDGES AND LAWYERS AND POLICE are not bad.  Most of them are really good people.

We know that 55 saves lives was bullshit.  They didn't do that to protect you.  They originally did it to save gas - then it became a great way to harass the public, take their money, search their cars - and profit.

We know the war on drugs is bullshit.  "War on Drugs" doesn't even mean anything.  We know our government is double dealing in drugs, arms and every other nasty profit enterprise - including those you wouldn't, as a peace-loving citizen - even imagine.

We know the war on terror is bullshit.  "War on Terror" doesn't even mean anything.

We know that "government studies" are bullshit.  We know our government is bullshit - and we know that when the government shows up to help - everything is almost guaranteed to get wrecked.

The protests going on right now are a sign of civil unrest - the violence the police are using to brutalize the public for fun and profit - will lead to the normal escalation of violence that occurs under such circumstances.

The politics of protests are biased in favor of those controlling the mass media - which is used to control the message to a large sleep-walking mass of hopelessly un-informed voters.  It is of the utmost that the political repercussions of every action be taken into consideration - but this is impossible.

I don't know what to say about fighting back.  Americans have a tradition of fighting back in the history books.  Perhaps Americans would be best served as a nation of sheep that breeds a leadership of wolves (as the saying goes.)


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