What Exactly ARE the "Occupy" Protests REALLY about?

You may have heard from "reliable sources" on Phux News and other corporate-owned propaganda outlets something like:
"The protesters hate the rich."
"The protesters are anti-American"
"The protesters don't want to work."
"The protesters are (whatever)"

All are LIES - deliberate misrepresentations designed to misdirect the uninformed.  

Let's examine the writings of Eugene Debs 1890 for Locomotive Firemen's Magazine:

"The real question to be propounded is, “What can workingmen do for themselves?” The answer is ready. They can do all things required, if they are in- dependent, self-respecting, self-reliant men.
Workingmen can organize. Workingmen can combine, federate, unify, cooperate, harmonize, act in concert. This done, workingmen could control gov- ernmental affairs. They could elect honest men to office. They could make wise constitutions, enact just laws, and repeal vicious laws. By acting together they could overthrow monopolies and trusts. They could squeeze the water out of stocks, and decree that divi- dends shall be declared only upon cash investments. They could make the cornering of food products of the country a crime, and send the scoundrels guilty of the crime to the penitentiary."

I don't care about the coming complaints from commenters about the source from which the above excerpt was snipped.  Why?  Because the truth can stand on its own.  "Don't shoot the messenger" is the saying - after all - if the Devil herself approached you and warned you that your house was afire - wouldn't you at least take the time to look?

The Occupy protests are about leveling the playing field for the OTHER 99% of us.  Those working two or three jobs just to struggle so the kids can have food - or - bonus - A ROOF OVER THEIR HEAD!  This is not a joke - this is reality.

Here, in Charlottesville, VA - we have at least one homeless community in the woods near a gardening area I helped a great and cherished friend build a few planters.  I think it was a chair that was missing from her garden in the common area - asked who had stolen it - she replied "oh probably one of the homeless from the area over there."  (pointing to a nearby wooded area)

Both of my grandfathers were coal miners in Pennsylvania - one was a Teamster as well.  Head of a union.  He taught me that fighting was right when one was wronged.  He told me it was OK and would meet his approval ONLY IF I FOUGHT BACK.  Not fighting back with equal force was considered cowardice.  "Punch them in the face!" - that's what he told me.  That's how I survived - being a year early in school and much smaller than my classmates.

Pop was a gentle soul - he earned the respect of everyone I knew back home.  He'd give anyone a ride that was walking their way to work or wherever - didn't matter.  He worked hard to raise his family.  

I've heard many people bash the unions - but the unions were all anybody had up in Pennsylvania.  I'd heard many stories from the elders - about how the coal mining company would just chuck the body of one's father or brother or loved one on the front porch - that is- if they took the time to extract them from the rubble.  Miners were paid in scrip - funny money - issued by the coal mining company to be used only in the "company store."  Yes - the bad old days.

2011 - the Occupy protests.  This is a leaderless revolution - people coming together for redress of grievences - like not enough money to LIVE.  What is your definition of LIVE?  I've heard things like having a roof over ones head, heat in the winter, some food and transportation to get back and forth to work.

Hopefully the roads that have been built and payed for many times over won't have additional tolls awaiting the already gouged public.  Hopefully - there will be a JOB to go to.

We are at a point where the jobs are gone overseas to increase the profits of corporations - which seem to be nothing more than upside-down funnels (pyramids) designed with one purpose - to funnel ALL THE PROFITS TO A VERY SELECT PRIVELEGED FEW.

At the heart of the robbery lurk the Federal Reserve and our purblind government.  A group of power-seeking public-demand-ignoring greedy money-mongers - ignorant and out-of-touch with the suffering of the average Jane-six-pack - raising a coupla' kids - wondering when the sheriff (paid for with their tax money) will show up with a gun and badge to evict them from their HOME - on behalf of crooked bankster-robberbarons.

Talk about irony!  We pay for law enforcement to kick us out of our own homes - while the real crooks, the banking scum, suck trillions of dollars of American lifeblood out of the veins of the public.  What a sick thought - what sick wrong-headed action - what a disgrace!

No - the Occupy protesters are anything BUT what they are portrayed as on Sean Scammity, Glenn (shoot him in the head) Beck, or Rushbo the Limpball's programs of propagandistic blather.

The Occupy protesters are fighting for freedom and liberty.  Freedom from usury and being used as slaves - their American labor being pitted against slave labor overseas - as if that were the American way.

Consider THIS

"A Rochester grandmother is sleeping in a shelter Monday night, after being evicted from her home earlier in the say.
Protesters from an organization called "Take Back the Land Rochester" say they are outraged, and held a candlelight vigil Monday night.
There was quite the scene on Ravenwood Avenue in the city earlier in the day.  Seven protestors were arrested as Cathy Lennox was evicted from her home.
Protests by a local housing advocacy group kept her in her home for an additional two weeks but today she lost her fight against being evicted."

...or consider this:
"A SWAT team evicted a grandmother from her home in New York last week, and also arrested six foreclosure activists at the same time, HuffPo reported.

Catherine Lennon lived with her children and grandchildren in Rochester, and said she was "willing to make mortgage payments" to Fannie Mae but Countrywide/Bank fo America "refused to accept her checks because the property was not in her name."
Her husband, who was the legal owner of the home, died three years ago but hadn't written a will.
...A SWAT team?  What a bunch of pussies!  I'd love to see them come up against a platoon of recently-brought-home fully armed Marines from the overseas "war on horror."  They'd run like hell!  Ha ha!  Bunch of wannabees!   Bwa ha ha.  I'd better keep dreaming - obviously our crooked Feds don't care about our soldiers or veterans.  They keep sending them back over and over and over again - until they just kill themselves.  After all - what sane person can sustain with that kind of stress and abuse?  It is SICK SICK SICK!

Hey - maybe I'm cherry-picking examples of banks being a bunch of crooks and scumbags right?  Wrong.  Consider this:

How about that?  They own their house free and clear and the dirt-

Folks - there are many tricks the propagandists on the usual radio liar-networks use to discredit the Occupy movement.  

One is to interview one person, who may or may not be well-spoken, and use their interview as an example for all protesters.  Or a person who is a plant - is interviewed - gets on camera to discredit everyone.  The problem with the logic is arguing from the specific to the general - pretending that the single individual represents the group.  So far I think the protesters, with the help of honest radio folks - are doing a great job of diffusing this propaganda.

I suppose this has been enough for now.  Don't let the shilling-radio-liars take the lead on disseminating your message.  Keep the heat on them and continue to send articulate representatives to interviews where the airtime will do the movement service.

This is an old debate - and has been won before.  History proves this point.  It is a matter of who is willing to fight for their foothold on freedom, their own lease on liberty, and their own unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

I wish all Occupy Wall Street (etc...) bravehearts the best - and I know, somehow - they will prevail.

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