Put Me on the SH%T list: Occupy with 2nd Amendment help - vid

Politically incorrect - yes.  Necessary for liberty - yes.

I saw some things written about the gentleman in the video - claiming he is a NAZI or some other stuff - whatever.

For me - and for now - I'll take him at his word.  He is exercising his 2nd Amendment right peacefully - as are those behind him exercising their 1st Amendment right peacefully.  There is no reason to amend for a second our understanding that anyone is advocating that violence ensue.  

During the cold war there was a philosophy of MAD - which meant Mutual Assured Destruction - this concept emphasized the "power for peace" concept - where two parties equally armed pose no threat to each other.  

The militia member - and I know nothing of him except what I hear him say in the video  below - is that he is a veteran - as are some of his colleagues - and he trusts those behind him - because he knows - as we all do that they are peaceful protesters.

My hat's off to the guy in the video and his brave buddies.  We'll see how everything works out - and what dirt they can dig up on him.  But any way you look at it - he is doing nothing other than exercising his rights.  There should be NO OPPOSITION TO THAT.  And there should be NO OPPOSITION to the OCCUPY protesters either.

Yes - there's nothing like a nice balance of power - I learned that from my own government when they were "fighting" the Soviet Union - excusing away countless spending on nuclear weapons etc...

Well - it works for us, the citizens, too.  

Thanks Second Amendment exercisers.

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