"Ole Hickory" fought the Battle of New Orleans...and kicked out the bankers

"Old Hickory" kicked the bankers out.  Sometimes it's fun to look at accomplishments of past leaders so we can see that it IS POSSIBLE to KICK THE BANKSTERS OUT!


...some music to get a feeling for it all..

...battle map from previous war...

...battle map of present war...

...and back to the music ...but a different version (you'll bust a gut on the lyrics)

 Yeah "Old Hickory" tossed out the bankers -  SO CAN WE.  

Don't think for a minute that we can't kick these bankster robber-barons outa' here.  This time for good.  It's been done - and history DOES tend to repeat itself.

"The guide who brung the British from the sea come a limpin' into camp just as sick as he could be...
...he said the dyin' words of Colonel Packenham were "you'd better quit your foolin' with your cousin Uncle Sam" 
(Uncle Sam = We The People)

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