Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) thinks it's time to take the fight in Libya to the next level.

""I think it's time to go directly after Gaddafi," he told CBS' Bob Schieffer. "If you had TOW missiles given to the rebels in Libya, they could fight the tanks in addition to air power, but this strategy that President Obama has come up with, I think, is not going to defeat a determined enemy.""
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Note:  Isn't it amazing that this goofball Senator is so intent on killing someone (as religious a fanatic as Senator Graham is) - namely Gaddafi - that he cannot recognize - or doesn't really give a crap that Amerika is presently a dictatorship - since we are living under circumstances which belie that FACT that the Executive branch has unchecked power?

But this Senator with a girl's name doesn't care about that - all he cares about is killing someone - and believe you me - Senator Graham would have us all believe that Gaddafi is a guy Jesus would kill.

This is why you will never ever ever see me in a church or other religious "house of worship" - the hypocrisy is astounding to those of us not yet smitten with the trance imposed upon Lyndsey's flock of sheep.  

You see - I know what a Constitution is - and Obambyall shouldn't'na ever gone into Libya in the first place.  

But stupid ass Lyndsey Graham - who never saw a war he didn't like - wants us to piss away more money wrecking North Africa with uranium munitions - but what the hell does he care?  They are only Muslim people who will have arms growing out of their necks from the nuclear pollution our brave soldiers will wreak upon the land there.

Lyndsey Graham - a pathetic - sick - twisted - but God-fearing man.  He never saw a war he didn't like, a Muslim he didn't want dead, or a dollar of US taxpayer money he wasn't ready to piss away on war.  

But ya' know - those black people starving in that backasswards state of South Carolina?  F - them!  They need to read Ayn Rand and buck up.  You know - those poverty-stricken folks we white people drive past on our next pilgramage to Myrtle Beach to spend the money we made working for the military industrial complex.    

Sick - sorry - sad - a globalist - imperialistic - clown - who is so worried about the people in Africa being free - while the people in his own state wallow in poverty!  Ha ha - Lyndsey - you pathetic tool!  Go get your army helmet and put it on for the cameras you pathetic sack of dung!

Click on the link above and take the time to listen to this warmonger - this Republican supporter of an out-of-control Obambyall executive branch and ask yourself how it is possible for this idiot care-free senator ( doesn't give a crap about the people in his own state) - a guy who would never miss an opportunity to ding Obombyall - a guy who claims to love Jesus but will bomb anybody's kids in the middle east or Northern Africa - a guy calling for the extrajudicial killing of Gaddafi - how in the hell this guy can look in the mirror and face himself?  

Everything is wrong with him.  He doesn't know if he hates Obama or loves Obama's dictatorial - extra-constitutional actions.  He doesn't care - as long as it suits his agenda - that is - Israel first, last and always.

Folks - remember this swine - fake do-gooder Lyndsey Graham or whatever his name is.  Kick the bum out of office.  And ask yourself why this turncoat isn't impeaching Obama for extraconstitutional actions in North Africa - specifically Libya.

Lindsey Graham is a traitor to the Constitution of the United States and is not doing his job - which is to ensure the safety of THIS country above and beyond all other duties.  He fails in that duty - knowingly - of sound mind and body - traitorously - and proudly.

Lindsey - take a f'n hike!

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