Oklahoma: Land of the Free and Home of the Brave

Sacrifice.  Pay me now or pay me later.  The folks in Oklahoma are preventing violent revolution by taking their medicine RIGHT NOW.

They know that by turning down the federal bribe-money - they are no longer "on the hook" to return favors leading their state closer to tyranny imposed by globalists.

Who wants to be beholden to malefactors paying bribes to oppress their citizens?  Nobody American - that's for sure.

More states need to take the lead and get a grip:  Turn down the fed bribe-money - the more voices - the better.

The Feds are on the run - they know they are losing - the globalists, international banksters must be crushed now.  I am extremely impressed by the folks in the Oklahoma government with the guts to turn down this big money.  That's stateswoman ship if I've ever seen it!  Ha ha ha - you go girl!

"Oklahoma will not accept a $54.6 million federal grant for setting up a system where Oklahomans could shop for health insurance, Gov. Mary Fallin said today."

Read more: http://newsok.com/oklahoma-rejects-54.6-million-federal-grant/article/3558402#ixzz1JXkZL3wo

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