Treatments for Nuclear Contamination

"Besides having iodine on hand for emergencies, we can grow (and, at present, purchase) herbs and foods that prevent our bodies from storing radioactive particles. Some of these foods and herbs even remove radioactive particles from our bodies. As we are all already being affected by radiation released by numerous sources, eating these foods and doing detoxification and chelation protocols regularly is a good idea.
If you have been exposed to too many X-rays or CAT scans, if you fly too much, work with diagnostic medical equipment or are environmentally sensitive and have ingested elevated levels of radioactive contaminated food, air or water, you also want to partake of the following protocol on a regular basis."
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Note:  This is an excellent article presenting POSITIVE ACTION YOU CAN TAKE NOW.

I noticed that there is a total blackout of information from the radio airwaves here in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Those not actively involved in seeking out information from alternative sources on the internet - like the site cited - are doomed.

Ingestion of radioactive materials is a "gift that keeps on giving" like a Trojan horse ejecting enemy soldiers into your body as long as....well

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