US to use Facebook, Twitter to issue terror alerts

"Some terror warnings could be withheld from the public entirely if announcing a threat would risk exposing an intelligence operation or an ongoing investigation, according to the government's confidential plan."
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Note:  So now there is no refuge from the mind-benders.  They are going to two settings for this hype-factory - simmer and boil.  They will keep everyone in a constant state of anxiety - just like Hitler did - then ramp it up with false-flag attacks and phony panics periodically so they can take even more of your freedom and money.  And when you seem uninterested - another bomb will go off somewhere - another crisis will appear - of which you will examine no evidence - and the show goes on.

Would you like your teeth knocked out with your good-ole-American apple pie?  That's how it works whether you like it or not.  All you hafta' do is pay closer attention and start examining evidence for yourself - never relying on sound or light waves impinging on your sensory organs emanating from an electronic broadcasting device.

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