Markey calls for Apple, Google probe" (vote for a corporation in a suit)
"Markey, co-chairman of the privacy caucus, said in a statement on Saturday:“Congress should immediately commence an investigation into this critical issue to help improve companies’ disclosure policies so consumers and families can understand who is seeing their information."
He promised to monitor the situation and to introduce children's privacy legislation with a "Do Not Track" requirement, allowing consumers to opt against being tracked."
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First of all Markey - don't call me a fucking "consumer" you pile of dung.  I'm a US citizen with a bill of rights you filthy money-grubber.
Regarding silly little Markey:    I have a better idea.  Why doesn't Congress just shut up, and be the useless turds they usually are, and let Google and Apple or whomever is tracking all these locations publish where each and every Congressperson has been since the tracking software was installed - along with everybody else's records.  Then we can let the Congressperson's and their wives and kids stand in the airport radiation showers for an hour or two, transmit their images everywhere like they are already doing to the rest of the helpless masses and laugh at the Senators that have small dicks.

Then we can look at where all the politicians are going to get their cocks sucked and report such information to AIPAC so they can have even more information from which to glean blackmailable information.

Oh - that's right - it's ok for your grandkids to have arms growing out of their necks from radiation - but not a Senator or other Congressperson.  They, after all, are our betters - royalty.  Gimme a puke bag.

A consumer?  Markey, like all Congresspeople, hasn't a clue - and shows his deference to corporate Amerika with every move of the lips.   Consumer? You idiot.  The word is "Citizen" and the problem is unreasonable search and seizure.  No probable cause.  Idiot idiot idiot.

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