The 'perfect, pitiless, Nazi': German soldiers' confessions reveal how troops driven by bloodlust killed innocent civilians for fun

  • Interrogations with 13,000 German PoWs collated for new book 
  • Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe officers 'were no better than the SS'
  • Transcripts detail 'pure enjoyment' of massacring citizens
Haunting confessions from former German prisoners of war have revealed the chilling crimes inflicted on ordinary civilians by Nazi troops.
The German soldiers who were captured and interrogated by British forces in the Second World War laughed as they recalled massacring innocent civilians.
Accounts of more than13,000 German soldiers have cast new lights on the relentless violence that they subjected innocent civilians to."

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But rest assured - although we are prosecuting wars of aggression where innocent civilians are killed all the time - we are somehow different.

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