Lusitania: How Evil Enemies are made: Vids

...ship size ensures enough killed to enrage the masses
Lusitania - another chess-game-piece sacrificed on the "grand chessboard" upon which the citizens are simply viewed as pawns - a herd to be manipulated by the power brokers intent on war.  If such manipulation means the slaughter of many including kids - well - according to the view of the puppetmasters - that's just the price to pay to get the war you want.  (Disclaimer:  Not their kids-only yours!)  Please watch the videos below and consider the following...

The modern "false-flag" attack accomplishes the same ends - but with modern efficiency "cuts out the middleman" by simply committing the atrocity against one's own people.  Why waste time waiting for the "enemy" one needs to demonize to attack?  

After all - those facing the US today know that the worst strategic mistake they can make right now is to actually attack us!  (So far - that is - until we get so overextended they can all attack at once and wipe out an army.  Then maybe hit us here on the mainland.  Still - the warmongers get their way and the international bankers finance both sides and the reconstruction later.)...back to the Lusitania...

Why no escort?  Why engine shut off?  Why did sister ship take 12 torpedoes and still manage to sail to port while the Lusitania took one hit and went down in 18 minutes?  Look how the Germans civilians were easily demonized and the mob turned against them in a fury!  Remind you of anything? 

The truth is not what people at the time could fathom.  Perhaps they didn't have the benefit of the internet - with alternative sources of information presenting them with parallels of historical events?  Who would ever suspect that their leaders would throw them to the wolves just to start a war so international bankers and merchants of death could line their pockets?

Do we have the courage today to consider such horrible possibilities? Have human beings "evolved" to the point that they would no longer commit such bloody acts against their own people to further their own selfish agendas?  

Is it possible we are faced with similar political manipulations today? I say yes.

Oh - to make this super-strange - just for "fun" look at time=9:34 in the SECOND VIDEO , where the date of Roosevelt's "fireside chat" is displayed - talk about history repeating...

Lusitania part 1

Lusitania part 2

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